Persbericht Mage Company

We ontvingen daarnet een persbericht van Mage Company. Zij stellen het spel Wrong Chemistry voor op Spiel 2012 in Essen.
Je kan hieronder de Engelstalige versie lezen.

Wrong Chemistry is a game for 2-4 players, 8 y.o+, 20-30min duration, a Themed Abstract and Card Driven game appropriate for kids and families. The game is already translated in 16 languages and from September will be distributed in China and from October in UK. Now we are close to arrange our deals with USA, Slovenia, Brazil and Portugal. We had a successful campaign on Kickstarter with Wrong Chemistry reaches 180% of the needed funds. Few words about the game:

THE CONCEPT: Scientists in a lab are trying to create new elements, and they get it all wrong! In Wrong Chemistry (W.C.) you change a molecule in order to create new elements out of it. A fun, easy to learn, but hard to master, game, with funny references to the real elements from the periodic table.
GAMEPLAY: Players alternate rounds, during which they try to change the pieces on the board, in such a way that they can be the same shape represented by the cards in their hands. The cards represent new elements that the players discover, and when the board has the proper form, the player reveals from his hand the element he/she discovered and adds the card to his/her pile of earned points.
GAME END: The game ends when a player can no longer draw more cards. The winner is the player with the most points or, in case of a tie, the one that discovered more elements that are next to each other in the Periodic Table of the Elements (chairs not included).

ERAGRA: The Game of Eras and the First Step / An Unfolding Card Game for 2-4 players, 11y.o+, 50-50min duration, translated in several languages such as French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Greek, Italian and more.

Eragra is a game born in a long forgotten era, during the Great War between the Kingdoms and the Antikingdoms. Travelling through time, Eragra destroyed nations and empires alike, and seemed unstoppable - but prophecy foretells of the Three who will stand up against this evil force, against the source of darkness. Against the Great Dark Archon.
An Outcast Alchemist from the Dark Ages, a Powerful Witch from the Unknown Lands and a Cybermage from the Vast Future will become one and the Countdown for Eragra will begin!
The game of Eragra takes place in two Dimensions - In the Ancient Era, brimming with primordial power, players must collect as many crystals as they can. Through smart combining and manipulation of these crystals, you can unlock different powers, until the Cyberspace Vortex teleports everybody to the Future World. In this Cyberworld you will fight until you’ve ensured the survival of your faction - Cybermages, Hackers, Rebels or the Torrus Syndicate. Defeat your opponents by attacking their faction directly with Machines or Viruses, or take away their power by destroying the crystals they collected.
This is the Eragra Atheneum, the card database, where you have to register. Is not 100% ready but you will check all the cards and also there are answers in case someone has questions around the effects of a card.

Strike Dice: is a game for 2-4 players. Each player owns 8 Pyramid Dice and must place on the board as many as possible. Purpose of the game is to collect the most Triangle Cards which they carry variable effects and help you during the game. To win a card you must place the most dice on the board at the end of every Triangulation. The game board is separated into a number of shapes. The large kit shapes in Red and Blue are called Tribases. Each of you, can place max 1 die on a Tribase. The Red bases are strategically important as they help to spread your dice on the rest dark bases. The small red triangles, at the base of each Tribase is an Exit Point. There are 4 in total and through these, your dice can enter and move on the board. Strike Dice is a clever, short in time and easy to learn game carrying a new innovative way to use Pyramid Dice. We call them Pawndice because they have 2 roles in the game. You can use them as Pawns and as Dice too!

So, this year we decided to bring this game to Kickstarter by adding New Elements and explaining why there are Figures on the Front Box Cover. So, this is the story behind Strike Dice:
Back in the days of Darkness and Magic, 9 extraordinary creatures created a game of Strategy and Luck, known as Portkey of Chaos but to us is known as Strike Dice.
All started when Worryl the Dwarf
found on one of his trips some Pyramid Dice capable to increase his power. He became so strong, that he could break a rock with his bare hands. He was always carrying the Dice of Strength, and the Dice were leading him to an unknown destination known as the Passage of Time, a strange place which was looking like a square arena full of Triangle Areas. The Dice of Strength was just one of the 8 Different Powers of the World back then.
Benju the Hairy Giant found the Dice of Luck and since then he could make true all his desires.
Morthorn the Eyestar found the Dice of Intellect and obtained the Power to create potions, weapons and mystic Artefacts.

Nilial the Mutant Wizard found the Dice of Evil and he was able to change the heart of the living creatures into shadow slaves.
Ebniu the SkyLord found the Dice of Speed and he could travel so fast, where none could see him.
Gorvas the RedSpy found the Dice of Sight and he could see beyond the visible, the approachable, he could see everything.
Soribay the Wise found the Dice of Good and he could give life there where death was dominating.
Razikur the Soundless found the Dice of Hearing and was able to hear everything on earth and sky. But there was one more entity known as the
9th Creature and he had the power to affect the Time! He hadn’t found any of the Pyramid Dice but he knew where to go in order to unlock the Passage of Time. The 9 creatures arrived at Passage of Time, the Arena was activated, the Creatures were transferred in the game as Tricards and then the Games Started. Now all knew that they had to defeat each other. The Last Standing Creature would be able to release the Arena and control the Portkey, in other words he would be able to travel through time and change it according to his will.
Purpose of that game was to obtain the Most Triangle Cards by defeating the rival Creatures. You on the other hand are the Players who also want to take control of the Portkey and for that, you have to defeat those Creatures, you have to Triangulate.

The Basic Strike Dice Game consists of 8 Basic Triangle Cards which carry the Attributes of the Creatures you will meet in the Expansion. These Attributes are also part of the Triangle Bases of the Arena (Gameboard). Next, you will find 32 Pyramid Dice of different color, 8 per player. In the same basic pack you will find and the Strike Dice Expansion: Portkey of Chaos consisting of the 9 Creatures plus the New Rules.

The game here consists of 3 Phases: In each Phase you draw in order 3 Creature Cards. Place the cards on the triangle bases of the board according to which attribute they represent. The creatures carry 2 different numbers: The left number indicates the strength and the right number the Bonus you receive when you kill a Creature. To destroy a Creature you must roll a number with your Pawndie higher from the one which represents his Strength and place it on the opposite Tribase where this Creature is located. When you do that, you draw as many Tricards as the Bonus number this Creature caries on his right side. You keep these cards and you may use them as you wish. Note: The Rules of the Basic Game Apply here too, the only difference is that the Creatures add new elements in the game. You also keep and the Creature you killed since it counts as part of the collected cards. The player with the most cards in the end of 3rd round is the winner.

We proudly announce a new game called 12 Realms: Siegfried, Snow White, D'Artagnan, Red Riding Hood, and the other heroes of the twelve realms are being reunited for one last great adventure. The Dark Lords have joined forces to completely conquer and subjugate all the known Lands, and only the combined efforts of all the greatest heroes can halt their nefarious plan.

12 Realms is a fast and lighthearted cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. All players must band together to stop the Dark Lords' overwhelming hordes from pillaging the 12 Realms. Individual invaders can be defeated by using each hero's different talents, but to vanquish the Dark Lords you must claim a powerful artifact.

In their quest to stop the invasion, the heroes can travel together between different lands, or they can try to single-handedly defend a Realm. Each of the 12 Realms is an individual land, with different treasures and events, and populated by unique creatures. We prepare the game for Kickstarter as it was Best Print n Play Game for 2010-2011!


The Campaign on Kickstarter will run for both games after September. Soon we will announce exact dates.



Demoing 12 Realms and Wrong Chemistry

For you who want to play these 2 games, we have arranged several events. 12 Realms is our next upcoming KICKSTARTER Project and 2011 best Print n Play game of the year.


Tacoma, WA Game Day — September 22, 2012
Jamestown, PA Game Day — September 29, 2012

InD20 Group

Game Preserve in Greenwood
It will be demoed by InD20 Group the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. By supporting 12 Realms you will give us strength to create much more events before the Campaign on Kickstarter.

Wrong Chemistry @ Essen Spieltage October 18-21 2012

Mage Company will be in Essen Spiele 12' presenting Wrong Chemistry. The Campaign on Kickstarter was successfully funded 180% and now we prepare to deliver a great game!

You will be able to check Wrong Chemistry from October 18 to 21 in Essen, Germany at one of the biggest game fairs worldwide. You will find us along with Gen X Games and Homoludicus.

Wrong Chemistry @ U-Con Ann Arbor, MI October 27 2012

Grand Gaming Academy will demo Wrong Chemistry at U-Con in Ann Arbor MI on Saturday, October 27. It will be a good chance for our friends from USA to play Wrong Chemistry. With Wrong Chemistry we start our co-operation with Grand Gaming Academy who will demo our games in several places like: Origins Board Gaming Hall, in Michigan: Marmalade Dog, U-Con and Dave Con!


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