Siberia – The Card Game: Hunting Resources in Permafrost

Volgende nieuwsbrief kregen we net binnen van DLP GAMES :

Independent Cardgame is also an Expansion for the “Siberia” Boardgame

The search for resources in the wideness of Siberia will be continued. After publishing the boardgame “Siberia”, dlp games will show this year in Essen “Siberia – The Cardgame”. Searching for the resources gas, charcoal, petroleum, diamonds and gold may be exhausting in cold Siberian reality, but it's fun playing it at home. Simulating this hard work of extracting resources and selling them at different markets needs only 120 cards. Players are required to deploy investors, salesmen and workers as well as to grab for resources in the right moment.

The cardgame is independent from the boardgame and quite different with it's own rhythm, even though you'll recognize the pretty illustrated persons and landscapes known from the boardgame as well as some mechanics. It's faster, more casual and easy to learn. As a special feature, the 5 marketplace-cards from the cardgame can also be used as an expansion in the boardgame. Rules for the expansion are enclosed.

Siberia – The Cardgame is for 2-4 players from 9 years and up. One game takes about 20 minutes. Designer is Reiner Stockhausen, illustrations come from Klemens Franz. Retail price will be 14,90 Euro.

Trying and buying the game during the fair “Spiel 12” is possible at the dlp-booth in hall 5, booth 104. For more information, especially for reservation of games and our special prices during the fair please visit our homepage



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