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Versailles – new release at Spiel Essen

NSKN Games is proud to announce Versailles, our third board game release in 2014.
Versailles is a strategy board game designed by Andrei Novac and published by NSKN Games in cooperation with 4 other publishing houses covering 7 languages. Designed and developed in English, Versailles will also be released in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Polish.
The first few hundred copies of Versailles will be available at the NSKN Games booth at Spiel ’14 Essen, where the game will make its European debut.

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About Versailles

In Versailles 2-5 players become master builders competing over the favour of King Louis XIV and the title of main architect of the legendary palace. Every turn a player moves one or more of their workers through a network of locations. Each location provides valuable resources or a way to spend them on tiles representing parts of the palace and its surrounding gardens, on decorations and technologies that bolster gathering and building abilities.
A unique movement and location activation system requires clever workforce management which makes every move count and makes every game tense right to the end, when a single master builder is chosen to be the King’s personal architect.
Game components

Release dates

The official European release will take place on October 16th, 2014 at Spiel ’14 Essen and Versailles will reach hobby stores in Europe in the second half of November 2014.
The English/French edition will be carried by major hobby distributors in the United States and a North American release is planned for December 2014 or January 2015.

Versailles Media Kit

This Media Kit package has been carefully prepared to provide you with a unique choice of Versailles’ artwork and graphical presentation of game components for advertising purposes.
Please download the Versailles Media Kit for high quality images with the game components and contact Agnieszka Kopera for marketing or advertising related questions.

Download Versailles Media Kit


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