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The Co-Mix app by Horrible Games is available now!

It's finally here! Co-Mix goes digital!
The CO-MIX digital app, developed by Tiny Bull Studios, is a digital transposition for smart devices of the storytelling game of the same name by Horrible Games. It is not a complete replica of its cartaceous counterpart, though. We could delve into deep details about similarities and differences between the two, but don't worry: we opted to briefly summarize them all, for your reading pleasure!
What is unchanged
- It allows you to create your comic stories (duh!).
- It features all 300 illustrations from the board game, wonderfully drawn by Matteo Cremona and masterfully colored by Max Rambaldi.
- It's fun to play!
What is different
- No trees were destroyed during its creation, but a large number of electrons may have been excited (and some may have enjoyed it).
- It's a single player experience (more on that later).
- It's got achievements! We heard many of you love those.
- You can add text balloons to the panels.
- It's free of charge! It's still Christmas time after all, isn't it?
The CO-MIX app is a comics creation tool. All illustrations are available to you at any time, there's no timer, no competition, and no scores. Relax, take your time, flex your storytelling muscles and craft your stories, now with the aid of a new amazing tool: text balloons! They come in different sizes and shapes to give your stories new levels of expressiveness. Finally, when you're done, share your creations with all your friends and family, through the magic of social networking!
That's not all though, there's still the icing on the cake: the CO-MIX app also includes a series of small video tutorials that can explain you the basics of the board-game rules in a matter of minutes! It's the perfect way to quick-start your first game(s) or to refresh things you may happen to have forgotten!
The CO-MIX app is available, right now, for selected Android and iOS devices (some specific models may be unsupported due to technical limitations, you can verify if your devices are compatible with the Co-Mix app directly on Google's Play Store and/or Apple's AppStore). For details, news and updates, please visit our website or scan the QR-code below.
That's all, folks! As always, to stay updated on all things Horrible, check our website, follow us on Twitter, or write us an email. If you really feel adventurous, you can also give us a thumb up on Facebook.
Be prepared!
Something HORRIBLE is coming, and we hope you'll like it!
the Horrible Staff


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