Snake Oil

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Playing Snake Oil - Elixir Will Cure What Ails Ya!

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May, 2015                                                                                              
Al Waller

Windsor, Wisconsin - Snake Oil - Elixir is an entirely new concoction with more wild and crazy Snake Oil cards! This edition can be played as a stand-alone game or be mixed in with another Snake Oil edition for millions of hilarious new combinations!
In Snake Oil - Elixir, one player choses a customer card and acts as the customer for the round. The remaining players combine two of the cards from their hands to create an item to sell to that customer. The outlandish sales pitches easily spark laughter from everyone playing.
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Snake Oil - Elixir
It Cures What Ails Ya!  Ages 10 to Adult, 3-10 players
SRP - $24.99 


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