NSKN nieuwsbrief

Volgende nieuwsbrief van NSKN Games zat in onze mailbox :

Brace yourselves, NSKN Games is coming to you in the middle of a truly beautiful hot summer to make it even hotter, as we’ve got some truly Legendary news!

NSKN Games goes to GenCon

Exodus and Extinction at GenCon

Yes, it’s true! NSKN Games will be coming to GenCon, so if you’re one of our American fans – and you are planning to participate in this unbelievably cool gaming event – come visit us at the Passport Games booth 1753. We will be more than happy to talk to you all! Regrettably, the nefarious Mists are preventing Błażej from going to GenCon with us, but Agnieszka and Andrei will proudly fly our banners. We also have some really good news to make up for Błażej’s absence.

Once again, it’s true! Exodus: Edge of Extinction will be on sale at GenCon! Edge of Extinction was our second Kickstarter project, not only massively successful campaign-wise, but also delivered on time. If you’ve missed it, you’ll have an opportunity to get your hands on this box of epic space 4X goodness. Also, the coveted Revised Edition of Exodus: Proxima Centauri will be making a glorious return to the shelves, as we’ve reprinted our Legendary space strategy to go along with its formidable expansion. So, if you’re thinking of going Exodus, make your way to the Passport Games booth at GenCon and see your gaming thirst quenched.
And to even spoil you more, here is a giveaway contest on Passport Game Studios website. 

Win A Copy Of Exodus: Edge Of Extinction And Exodus: Proxima Centauri

The Mists will fall in Essen

We don’t want to brag (actually, we do!), but as you’re reading these words, the first copies of Mistfall are reaching some of our backers. That means that we are on time with our third consecutive Kickstarter. Actually, with Mistfall many of you will receive the game early – how’s that for doing the night impossible?

Still, if you were not among Mistfall backers, you will be able to get the retail version of the game this year during the Spiel in Essen. If you’re thinking about buying (or you chose the Essen Pickup delivery option), come see us at booth HALL 1, BOOTH G-124 and don’t forget to ask for an autograph, as this time the Mists will not stop Błażej, or any other of our team members, from attending the convention.

Rewarding Progress

Finally, we’d like to share another piece of great news. Progress: Evolution of Technology has recently been awarded Spiele Hit für Experten – an Austrian Games Award in the Game Hit for Experts category. We are very happy and proud, but we are also grateful to all our fans (and the game’s original backers!) for support, for being vocal about how fun Progress is, and for simply being our there. Thanks! This makes us ready to work even harder to make great games for you.
And yes, some pretty awesome games are coming. Soon… But for now, as always, play Legendary Games and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We want to get to know you better!


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