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Spiel'15 Preorders are NOW OPEN! 

We are happy to let you know that we are opening a preorder option for all of the NSKN games for Essen pickup. So, whether you want to complete your collection with some great NSKN classics, or you are looking to get some of the newest and hottest of our games to your table, take a look at the NSKN Essen Preorder page – and come to pick up your games at Spiel 2015. Preorder today, and come see us in Essen. We will be waiting for you in Hall 1, booth G-124.

Simurgh is getting closer

Simurgh is an innovative Eurogame which puts a new twist on worker placement – but most importantly, which allows you to breed dragons! Simurgh comes from Pierluca Zizzi – a seasoned designer, known for his unique ideas and creating innovative designs. A dynamically changing board, two types of workers, and a large pool of dragons with unique abilities you can combine to create powerful effects is what should whet your appetite. And to really sharpen it, here’s the game cover by Odysseas Stamoglou:
Of course, do not worry, we will remind you where to find and join us in Essen. So, just to let you know what exactly you can expect at Spiel'15 in Essen this year, let us tell you about GenCon which we attended for the first time. Ehh.. It seems like yesterday when Agnieszka and Andrei went to Indianapolis... 

Back from GenCon!

Tired and jet-lagged, the NSKN Team made it back from GenCon almost two weeks ago, to spin the tales of gaming marvels and amazing people met at this truly awesome gaming event. Many people came to ask about our most recent releases: Exodus: Edge of Extinction and Mistfall. We also had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool  folks from Passport Games Studio, and had a chance to meet Holly Conrad – an amazing person, who most people probably know as Commander Holly. Through all the event Agnieszka was taking pictures and uploading them on our Facebook profile. Check them out and if you find yourself among many amazing Cosplayers feel free to tag yourself along. It was absolutely great to finally be able to be a part of GenCon. We are even more happy that GenCon was all what we were expecting it to be and BETTER! Thank you all for stopping and coming by. Till the next great gaming event!

Dragons & Mists  

at Spiel'15

As every year, NSKN Games will also attend this year’s Spiel. Apart from Mistfall and Simurgh making its debute at Spiel 2015, you will be also able to get any of the games currently in preorder  – including the hot Exodus: Edge of Extinction expansion. Spiel 2015 is definitely the place to hunt down some of the coveted Kickstarter Limited expansions for our newest games. So, don’t forget to visit us to talk, try out new games – and satisfy the little completionist in you! Remember, you’ll find us in Hall 1, booth G-124.


Click on the images below to find out even more about our new titles on BoardGameGeek.com 

Preorder today your games for Essen pick-up!

Essen is still a few weeks away, so be sure to use the time to bathe in the sun, rest and…Play some Legendary Games!


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