Flatlined Games is glad to announce the launch of Argo:


In Argo, you play a team of space miners awakening from hibernation in an unknown deep space mining station. You don't have much time to investigate how you ended up here, as the alarms are blaring: Aliens have invaded the mining rig and your only hope is to run to the escape pods and flee this forsaken place. There is not enough room for everyone in the shuttles, though! And the temptation to throw some miners into the Alien's claws must be fought, for if too many humans fall the Aliens will achieve victory.
Argo is a fiercely competitive game where players must cooperate to an extent, lest they all lose to the game.

The depths of station Argo are revealed as players lay tiles and search for the escape shuttles. It's a race for survival as the places are limited and deadly Aliens roam the station! Players alternatively control the Aliens, and get points each time they use them to kill opponent's astronauts. However the Aliens also get points and at the end of the game if they have more points than the players, everybody loses!
Astronauts push each others in the cramped confines of mining station Argo, and each move must be carefully planned in this tactical puzzler!
Argo is the latest game from Bruno Faidutti (Citadels, masquerade, Ad Astra) and Serge Laget (Mare Nostrum, Mundus Novum, Ad Astra). It has been years in the making, and benefitted from extended development and playtesting.
Argo is illustrated by Miguel Coimbra (Small World, 7 Wonders, Dragon Rage) and Alexandre De La Serna.

More information, rules, components pictures and gameplay videos are available on the project page :

Retailers and KS

Retailers have mixed feelings about games funded through Kickstarter, for various reasons. Many Kickstarter campaigns offer a retailer-specific level, but this isn't optimal as it means tying up capital for a long period of time (4-12 months usually). Retail is a turns-based business, and money invested in supporting a Kickstarter campaign cannot be used for other products that would do one to four turns during that time.
Flatlined Games offers a different deal for retailers with this campaign: They can preorder now, at no immediate cost, as long as they commit to carrying Argo on its release. Once the game is produced, they will received it through their usual distributor, with their usual discount and terms, and with a two to three weeks head start before other retailers get it. Doing so means we don't get the money immediately to support producing the game, but we do however have preorders from retailers, which we can use to gauge interest, and plan distribution effectively.
Hopefully this innovative approach will soothe some of the retailer's pains with Kickstarter, and help us make Argo a resounding success!

About the Authors

Bruno Faidutti has been designing games for a while now, along with his day job as teacher in France. Some of his well known games are Citadels, Mystery at the Abbey, Masquerade, Incan gold or Ad Astra.
Serge Laget is also a teacher and a game designer, some of his well known titles include Mare Nostrum, Cargo Noir, Ad Astra, Mystery at the abbey and Mundus Novus.

They already have designed some games together, and Argo is the latest such collaboration.

Bruno Faidutti (L) and Serge Laget (R)

About Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games is a publisher of quality board games based in Brussels, Belgium.
Flatlined Games is a one-man business, run by Eric Hanuise, owner of Flatlined Games.
After a very tough 2015, we are turning to crowdfunding to allow publication of our next titles in a timely fashion.
Our titles include Dragon Rage, Rumble in the House, Rumble in the Dungeon, Twin Tin Bots, Robin, Steam Rollers and Otter Nonsense.
Distributor enquiries are welcome.

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