NSKN geeft 12 x Shadowscape weg !!

Great Shadowscape Giveaway!

Whether you’re going to Essen or not, you can win one of 12 copies of Shadowscape we prepared for you! Two awesome giveaways await.

If you are not coming to Essen, we figured out how to ease your pain. Simply send us a photo of you playing one of our games via Twitter (#spiel2016 @NSKNGames), and a brand new copy of Shadowscape can be yours!
If you’re a Spiel attendee, you can visit us, snap a fancy selfie and tag NSKN Games on Facebook for the win.

If we have your attention, you can simply go here for giveaway details!

See you in Essen, and in the meantime, remember to play some Legendary Games!



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