Railroad Revolution bij Pegasus Spiele

setting the course for the future
pegasus spiele is proud to announce Railroad Revolution from What‘s Your Game? 

Friedberg, 28th October 2016: The German-Italian board game publisher What’s Your Game?, which is based in Berlin, and Pegasus Spiele have set the course for a future cooperation. Railroad Revolution will be released in mid-November by Pegasus Spiele. In addition, Pegasus Spiele will also offer a selection of other games by What’s Your Game? from November onwards.

What’s Your Game? was founded 2005 in Italy and moved to Berlin in 2011. They have established themselves as a publisher for excellent games with extraordinary mechanisms and outstanding illustrations aimed at experienced gamers, examples being Vasco da Gama, Madeira und ZhanGuo.
The train game Railroad Revolution has been successfully released at SPIEL’16 in Essen. The new cooperation starts with the German-English version of Railroad Revolution exclusively released by Pegasus Spiele in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Retailers can also order other games from What’s Your Game?’s product range from Pegasus Spiele by mid-November.
"In Pegasus Spiele, we have found a business partner who is just as enthusiastic about high-quality games as we are.” says Veronica Casa, one of the two owners of What’s Your Game?. “I look forward to work with What’s Your Game? and I am curious about future releases.” confirms Andreas Finkernagel, owner and CEO of Pegasus Spiele. His associate Karsten Esser is also excited. „Railroad Revolution is an exceptional game and a great enhancement for our own selection.”
Railroad Revolution involves two to four players in the competition between huge American railway corporations in the 19th century. Players connect states and coasts with railroads, establish train stations and expand the network of telegraph lines. They start with many non-specialized workers, but they can hire skilled workers during the game to improve the efficiency of their company. The cost or effect of an action is determined by the specialization. Promoting workers to managers will help players to fulfill their objects. Railroad Revolution is easy to learn, keeps all players involved until the end, is strategically well balanced and rewards clever execution of actions.
Railroad Revolution
Designers: Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini
Artist: Mariano Iannelli
Age: 12+
Playing Time: 45-90 minutes
Players: 2-4


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