Kill the Unicorns

Kill the Unicorns, Morning's next game!

Ah, Unicorns - majestic and elegant creatures, or at least that's what everybody believes! Did you know that there is a Kingdom where Unicorns are stupid beings that breed like bunnies?

Kill the Unicorns is a strategic game set in a crazy universe in which players will play a character with special powers for the sole purpose hunting unicorns. Lure the Unicorns into piranha-infested lakes, or coax them into traps - with several combinations you have the opportunity to become the greatest Unicorn Hunter of all time!

The Kill the Unicorns project was born a year ago, when the Toulouse startup Morning met the author Arthur Vo-Ha at the Festival de l’Alchimie in Toulouse, an event that brings thousands of players together every year.

After months of working on the mechanic as well as the illustrations, the game can finally be launched. We want to do this on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in June 2017.

Along with the Kickstarter launch we will be releasing some goodies from the world of Kill the Unicorns such as a comic by the illustrator of the game, Jordi Villaverde. People on the Internet can also follow the adventures of the different characters from Kill the Unicorns on a dedicated page.

🦄 Visit the world of Kill the Unicorns ! 🦄
Morning is a Toulouse-based board game editor and publisher  with a team of passionate people. The start-up adventure began 5 years ago when three childhood friends decided to create their own company.

Since then the company has come a long way: today we are represented at the biggest game festivals in all four corners of the world! The last ones, the Gen Con in Indianapolis, US and Essen Spiel in Germany have helped Morning to get more exposure for the quality and innovative board games made.

Kill the Unicorns is therefore in the works, and it incorporates a rich and crazy universe for the players. It is also made for everyone, regardless of the player-level or age, we are aiming for the Family Game of 2017!
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