Nemeton / Celestia : a little initiative / Montmartre / Dunaïa

October 19th, 2018

Behind a tree there is… Nemeton

October 19th, the gaming community will greet Nemeton, a game full of promise in many different ways! With its atypical system of resources apparition and management, the game has a very high replay value and a strong theme, which is perfectly integrated in its mechanics! It’s hard being a Druid in a cursed forest where each movement is a challenge, where the moon alters the strategies and where there are so many different ways to score points.

For us, each game is an adventure! This is why a short story inspired from the Nemeton universe was written especially for the launch and is included in the first boxes as a limited edition!

12+ / 2-4 players / 75'

October 19th 2018

A little initiative in Celestia!

The journey continues for Celestia: the game presents its second expansion “A little initiative”, also available on October 19th! In it, you’ll find a 3D Rowboat for solo trips, bad tricks to play on your opponents and even more fun for games where taking risks is essential!

8+ / 2-6 players / 30'

February 2019

Paint a picture!
Montmartre takes you on an immersive journey in the artistic movements of the 20th century, highlighting the sweet fragrance of nostalgia from Paris’ narrow alleys.

In this majorities game, you’ll play the role of a painter and let your muse give you the inspiration needed to become a famous artist!
Ambroise Vollard is searching for new talents but beware of your competitors: they will try and beat you to fame and steal your precious francs.
A colorful tactical game where bluffing and seizing opportunities will create the entire spectrum of emotions.

10+ / 2-5 players / 30'

Montmartre will be at Essen, we will be happy to see you at our stand to present it to you!


DUNAÏA, the prophecy
October 2019

A new civilization is emerging…
Dunaïa will be at Essen, we will be happy to see you at our stand to present it to you! !


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