Spiel 2018 - Days of Wonder : The River




This year again we will be waiting for you at the world’s largest game convention – Essen Spiel – which takes place in Germany this October 25-28. Come join us to discover our next game, The River, which is released at Spiel '18. The River is a new worker and tile-placement game from Sébastien Pauchon and Ismaël Perrin.

In The River, players struggle to make the most amazing settlement of this new world. In order to outmatch your opponents, construct valuable buildings and cultivate your river banks into harmonious and productive tracts. Reserve resources, enlarge your territory, and block your competitors... Every decision counts in this fast and streamlined tile-placement game. But be careful, some of your pioneers will decide to settle along the way and the lack of a workforce could cost you the victory. 
Ismaël Perrin and Sébastien Pauchon will be present on the booth from Thursday to Saturday at 15:00 and on Sunday at 11:00 am to chat with you and sign copies of the game! 
If you haven't been lucky enough to play Ticket to Ride: New York, it's also your chance to drive around the Big Apple
If you are in Essen, make sure to visit us at the Days of Wonder booth. We will be located in Hall 3, Booth 3B107. Our games will be available for sale from the Asmodee Store right across the alley (Booth 3B108).


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