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A True Classic Returns!

In 2009 Egizia took players on a journey through Ancient Egypt to fulfill requests from the pharaoh to build the Sphinx, obelisk, graves, pyramid, and temple. It quickly became a classic and in the ten years since then this midweight euro rocketed up to almost 300 on BoardGameGeek rankings.

Now, Stronghold Games is proud to announce Egizia: Shifting Sands, a new edition of your favorite game about the Nile. Gameplay remains true to the original but has been updated with multiple refinements that will engage longtime fans and new players alike. The biggest update is the addition of two new monuments that present new choices and dynamics for players.

Kickstarter backers will also get a Kickstarter Exclusive; classic Egizia on the reverse side of the board with new illustrations!

The Colonnade allows players to build columns that unlock new abilities that are randomized from game to game, changing your decision process and making gameplay more dynamic. Following the Colonnade are the statues which much be slowly built over time causing precise planning with high possible rewards.

The new board design shows a splash of color and allows the pieces to stand out – making identifying the board state and player locations much easier at a glance. All of these twists create a new and unique experience out of a timeless classic.

You can help to bring Egizia: Shifting Sands to life on Kickstarter right now, and remember to check back to catch our daily milestones as we unlock new promos and components.

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