nieuwsbrief : The Foreign King.

The Foreign King campaign starts on 15 minutes!

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In 1831 a state was born, but a nation has yet to be created. Belgium conquered his indipendence from Holland and call a foreign king to lead the new nation. Now, a German king sits on the throne conceiving great plans for his kingdom. First step is the unification of the whole population, always divided because of cultural and religious differences. Then a highindustrialization that will lead Belgium to compete with the powerful European nationsNow everyone works together for the growth of the country, under the leadership of a foreign king.
For influential families ancient enmities and differences are hard to forget and each one will compete with the others to earn trust in the eyes of the king.
Will you be able to be protagonist of industrialization and demographic expansion of Belgium, managing to rise your family above the others?

The Foreign King is a light-to-medium weight strategy game for 2-4 players, in which you lead one of most influent bourgeois family of Belgium. Main mechanics are placement and majority, and thanks to his ease of learningand fast pace, a game lasts about 40 minutes. During the game you must pay attention to many factors and to the different strategies that can lead you to the victory. In The Foreign King, opponent's actions will be important for your strategy as yours. Especially remember: not only you must choose the best action but you also have to take it at the right moment or your opponent will prevent you to do it


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