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Redwood op Kickstarter

  "I've never seen a game do anything like this" That's the words from Man VS Meeple talking about REDWOOD , our brand new Kickstarter project coming this fall. They had the exclusive chance to try the game at Gen Con and they took the opportunity to make a video about the game. They tell you about their impressions of the game, but also explain some gameplay elements and what makes the game unique. Quick reminder: The game shown is still a prototype. We are working hard on the final components and they will be revealed very soon... can't wait to show you the photographer's minis! REDWOOD is a game created by Christophe Raimbault (Colt Express) and illustrated by Edu Valls (Bitoku) in which players must step into the shoes of wildlife photographers. Using the movement and objectives templates, players explore the wild nature and must compose their pictures to create the most successful panor

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