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Do you remember? Earth, Wind & Fire... and Water.

It all started like a wildfire. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, but new stuff kept coming out like a breath of fresh air. WIth the now complete Dungeon Fighter™ expansion cycle, we can offer you a rock-solid experience!
Dungeon Fighter: Fire at Will gives you the destructive power of fire. Hurl fireballs at your enemies, feel the raw energy of the 8-sided fire element die, jump through rings and walls made of flames and face the rage of the incinerating Bullrog!

Melissa, the Fire Sorceress, will blaze at your side! She doesn't like demons and taking damage, and she's got a flaming sword that will surely come in handy!
Dungeon Fighter: The Big Wave unlocks the soothing energy of water. Heal your party with the Major Healing spell, take your chances with the 3 small water element dice, keep your breath to survive against smothering monsters, and prepare to fight the Great Cthulhu himself!

Jack Parrot, the Pirate, will join your crew! His swashbuckling skills will help during fights, his propensity for pockpocketing will help making ends meet... and his parrot can mimic all the other heroes' abilities!
Dungeon Fighter: Stormy Winds brings you the twisting power of wind. Hide into a cloak of mist, dodge the attacks of the monsters with the 8-sided air element die, cast powerful lightnings and face flying foes... but beware, at the end of the dungeon the mighty Aelous will try to blow you away!

Angela, the Wind Sender, will take your enemies by storm! She has a big hearth and believes in second chances, and with her magical fan making those dice hit the bullseye will be a breeze!
Dungeon Fighter: Rock and Roll will grant you the powerful aid of earth. Cast tremendous earthquakes to smash your opposition, mine for gold with the huge earth element die, use time sand magic to slow down your enemies, and resist the will of Gaea, the goddess of earth and nature!

Tucker Blackfoot, the Miner, will take the field! His overwhelming strenght can move even mountains, and his thick skin will put the monsters to test! This guy's precious as gold!
If you want to take a closer look at Dungeon Fighter: Rock and Roll, you can also watch Tom Vasel's video review.
And it's not over! If you own all of the Dungeon Fighter™ element expansions, you will be able to fight the ultimate final boss... the Shopkeeper!

This treacherous fellow has tricked our heroes in order to regain his lost elemental powers... and rule the kingdom! Now that you master the elements, too, it's your task to stop him!

The Shopkeeper is included in the Rock and Roll box, but you need to own all the 4 elemental expansion to fight against him!
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