Dear gamer, 
we want to take 1 minute of your time to make an announcement about a new board game, maybe it can interest you! 
We are, the Italian board game publisher that brought you Co2, Historia, Mare Nostrum, The Gallerist, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Race for the Galaxy and many others.
Virus is our next game and the crowdfunding campaign on is going live in 30 minutes and will be on Kickstarter in 5 hours! Don't miss the opportunity to take one of Early Birds available on the campaign! 
Virus is a totally innovative game which will bring a new exciting gaming experience. The new combat mechanic "Roll the cube" will revolutionize your normal gameplaying and the Real-time mode will bring tension and immersion to a level never seen before! Discover monsters’ movement mechanic "AI by players": prepare to take very difficult choices. Create and explore the lab to find the antidote: all of your game will be different from the previous one.

"This game has ten games worth of innovation all packed into one", "That is brilliant, that is one of the coolest combat resolution systems i have ever seen in any game", Radho

A frightening Virus is spreading in the main cities of the planet. They called it Virus Q. Infected people and animals mutate rapidly, turning into horrible, bloodthirsty, nearly unstoppable creatures. The last hope is to identify the zero patient and the place where everything started. There, perhaps, it will be possible to find an antidote and give back hope to the dying mankind. But not everyone’s on board. There are those who want to profit from the chaos and terror to seize the power and establish a new form of government, trying to manoeuvre and control the monsters generated by the Virus. A cure would foil their plans forever. 
The virus has been created in a practically inaccessible military lab. In that lab, the virus got loose for the first time, by accident, maybe…  The creatures that now roam its corridors are hard to even imagine…
Players represent the team that sneaks into the Laboratory looking for the antidote for the Virus. They must gather the few and fragmentary clues scattered inside it, avoiding or fighting the monsters that live inside it, to figure out the physical location of the antidote.
Go on you are the last hope to stop the infection!


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