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Word on the Street

Word on the Street is an exciting "tug of words" between two teams. On each turn, one team flips over a category card, for example, type of tree, or something found in an office. Then, before the time runs out, the team members must agree on a word that fits into that category and pull each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street. Laughter ensues as the opposing team tries to distract and confuse the team deciding on a word. If they don't get all of their letters off the street, the other team might pull them back. The first team to pull eight letters off the street wins the game!

WORD ON THE STREET is for 2 to 10 players, ages 12 to adult. WORD ON THE STREET is available at Amazon.com and specialty toy stores for a suggested retail of $27.99 and will be available at Target and Kohls Department Stores this November and December.

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