Nieuwe spellen bij Pegasus Spiele

Pegasus Spiele heeft de laatste tijd redelijk wat nieuwe spellen uitgebracht. Volgend persbericht bereikte ons via email :

FRIEDBERG, April 9th 2014: This spring Pegasus Spiele released a wide variety of new games – ranging from tactical building to fast-paced betting – all include English rulebooks. >From the pyramids of Egypt to the Caribbean waterfront, players can experience innovative game design enhanced with evocative artwork.
Just in time for Easter, all of these games form the prize pool of the current BoardGameGeek contest “Games for Easter!” All participants are eligible for these prizes, as well as the Grand Prize: The exclusive wooden box of Glück Auf by eggertspiele, from designers Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer. The contest ends April 14th.

Camel Up
While stackable camels frenetically race through the desert, players bet on the outcome of the event and try to manipulate the race track in their favor. Camel Up by Steffen Bogen plays in 30 minutes with two to eight players aged eight and up.

Collecting mushrooms to cook delicious dishes: Brent Povis’ original design (also known as “Morels”) is finally released in its first European edition – with revised rules and new illustrations. Playing in around 30 minutes, the 2-player game Fungi is recommended for ages 10 and up.

In Istanbul’s bazaar players quickly realize, that a merchant is nothing without his assistants. To gather the most rubies, players need to plan ahead, avoid other merchants and always keep a close eye on their assistants. Two to five players aged 10 and up can play Istanbul by Rüdiger Dorn in just under an hour.

To honor the Chinese emperor glorious pagodas must be built. But since the emperor will only honor one player, the builders’ duel is on. In Pagoda, the award-winning game by Arve D. Fühler, two players build three-dimensional towers and score higher with every new floor. It plays in around 40 minutes and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Port Royal
The pursuit of wealth wasn’t for the faint of heart in the golden age of piracy. In Port Royal players push their luck to earn golden coins, hire a crew and heed the call of lucrative expeditions. But dangerous ships sail the Caribbean and threaten to end a player’s turn at any point. Alexander Pfister’s Port Royal is an award-winning game that plays in 20-50 minutes with two to five players aged eight and up.

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