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Volgend persbericht van Pegasus Spielen vonden we in onze mailbox :
The new games by Pegasus Spiele
Pegasus Spiele announced all new releases for late 2014

Friedberg, September 10th, 2014: Pegasus Spiele looks back on a very successful year. The publisher’s critically acclaimed variety of board games was crowned in July with the influential awards “Spiel des Jahres” for Camel Up and “Kennerspiel des Jahres” for Istanbul. With the “Internationale Spieltage SPIEL’14” in Essen approaching, Pegasus Spiele announced its new releases for late 2014. More than ever this season offers a varied and coherent program with great games for every taste. Some of this autumn’s highlights by Pegasus Spiele are:

Iconic game designer Stefan Feld’s highly anticipated new game leads players to the floor of the ocean. While aboard an underwater research facility, players need to collect data through clever planning and action selection. Constant time pressure and annoying octopods make this task even more challenging. AquaSphere is a tense strategy game for players who are in the know.

Grog Island
The slightly different pirate game: Through clever auctions-by-dice players buy bizarre real estates, such as the peg-leg shop, and trade with the occasional merchant stopping by. Grog Island was designed by popular author Michael Rieneck (“Deutscher Spielepreis”, i.e. German Games Award) and edited by eggertspiele ( “Spiel des Jahres” 2014: Camel Up).

The 7th Dwarf (original title: Der 7bte Zwerg)
Peter Neugebauer’s The 7th Dwarf is a fast-paced dice game accompanying the comedic animated film of the same name. In this game all players are always involved in the action: While the active player rolls up to seven dice in the hope of putting them in ascending order, the other players bet on whether he will succeed.
Hospital Rush
The hospital needs a new doctor. To get hold of that dream job, players have to cure patients and
outdo their competitors alike. Before long, dirty tricks and backstabbing become the method of choice. Hospital Rush is a light, fun worker placement game, chock-full of funny illustrations. Thanks to individual player abilities every game plays out differently.

More pirates! This time the fast ones: In a game of Marco Teubner’s Hook!, all players act simultaneously. At the same time each player reveals a target card and then places one of his sight cards onto any revealed target card. To get the best results players need to watch closely and react quickly. Hook! is the craziest pastime since the invention of peg-legs.

A complete overview of all the new releases by Pegasus Spiele for the fourth quarter of 2014 can be found in the download section of this News.


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