New York 1901 : Last minute news

Ask for the newspaper! Ask for the newspaper!

The New York 1901 video teaser is ready to travel you back into time!!!
Simply click on the link below and you are there!!

News! You will lose your hat! :)
There will be a worldwide event planned on 25th July 2015 taking you back to New York in 1901!

A rumor is being spread....a massive game will be held around the world which will give contestants the opportunity to win the first copies of the game.
It even seems that this event will take place on the same day in the cities of New York, Montreal, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Detroit Minneapolis, Paris, Brussels, London, Eindhoven, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Taipei City, Helsinki, Krakow, Athens, Cluj and Turin.

The event will be totally free and open to everyone!!


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