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Potion-Crafting and Marble-Crashing game. With balls.

It's time for the final exams at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards! Take Ingredients from the Dispenser to brew your potions... and grab the Student of the Year Award!
Potion Explosion is a combo-fueled strategy-puzzle game by Horrible Games, developed by Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi and Stefano Castelli and illustrated by Giulia Ghigini.

In a typical Potion Explosion turn, you will take an Ingredient marble from the Dispenser and watch the others fall. If you connect marbles of the same color, they explode... and you can take them too! Complete your Potions using the marbles you collect, and drink them to unleash their magical power. Remember, though, that to win the Student of the Year Award, being quick won’t be enough: you’ll also need to brew the most valuable Potions!
Potion Explosion will officially be launched at the Essen SPIEL fair, that will run from 8 to 11 October 2015. Pay us a visit at our booth! The first people to buy a copy of Potion Explosion will also receive a t-shirt for free (while stocks last) at one condition: if you want it, you have to wear it in front of us! You can find us in Hall 3, booth P-108.
If you want to take a closer look at the game rules and components, make sure to visit the official page on BoardGameGeek. You'll also find a lot of previews and videos of the Dispenser in action.

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Brew magical potions and unleash their power! Remember to drink responsibly, better if under the supervision of an expert wizard.
Come visit us at the SPIEL fair in Essen! We got Potions! And marbles! And gadgets! And all of our games, of course!
No unicorns were harmed during the production of this game. Ok, maybe a little bit in their pride, but that's about it.
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