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Morning Players, the french board game publisher, just launched its new game HOPE on Kickstarter.

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HOPE is played on a 3D illusion board on which players will have to navigate their spaceships: this unique feature makes it one of the only games to call in this visual effect. In this semi-cooperative game, you'll embody a hero of the H.O.P.E. (Human Organization to Preserve Existence) who have to fight the Regression to save the Universe from collapsing. 

Year 5341 : mankind faces the deadliest threat it ever had to cope with. The universe has begun to regress. The heroes of the H.O.P.E. will have to navigate their ships through a vast Universe to terraform planets before the dreadful Regression wipes them out.

Do you feel like saving the world with your friends in your free time? Learn more about the game by clicking on the video below: immediate boarding for the HOPE universe in 3... 2... 1... 💫 

For the english speakers, here's a review of HOPE made by Rahdo from the Youtube channel Rahdo Runs Through🍿

We'd like to thank everybody for your support, a special thank you to those who took time to read everything, here's the link to our campaign if you're too lazy to scroll all the way up :)
🔥 Kickstarter Page 🔥

Any question before saving the Universe? 

 Email us at hope@morningplayers.com


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