Carrotia : The Journey

A coop, tile-laying game where players race against the clock to build paths & allow the rabbit to collect carrots and escape the maze!

Carrot supplies are getting low and the rabbits must brave the wilds to collect enough to feed the colony! Time is short, the pathways long and the birds are circling overhead, looking for easy prey.

Carrotia is a light co-operative, tile placement game for 1-6 players where the team collectively works together against a timer to build three different mazes of increasing size. The master rabbit needs to dash from entrance to the exit within a specific number of moves according to the current mission card, scooping up the precious carrots while avoiding the owl, hawk and other birds as they swoop low over the zones causing mayhem and mischief.

Although the task may seem daunting, the master rabbit has some supporters, other rabbits that bring a unique special ability to assist the team and and thwart the hungry predators!


IMPROVE THE GAME: By participating in this campaign and by pledging to help us reach stretch goals, you are developing further the world of Carrotia!

FEEDBACK: We made a small print of the base game and thanks to your feedback we can now improve more the gameplay.

SHIPPING: Regardless the country you live, we have partners everywhere and we get your rewards without issues. Thankfully we have the full cooperation of our vendors. We also cover part of the shipping fees in order to make it easier for you to choose the pledge you want.

LIMITED PRINT: As we mentioned we made a very small print of the base game and through this campaign we will try now to make a proper print. However all the stretch goals-expansions that will be generated through the campaign will be produced in limited quantity since the costs of production and art are not low and we want to focus on the base game.

NEW EXPANSIONS: Yes, is true. We built the campaign in such a way where each Stretch Goal generates a totally new and different expansion for the game.


Each Stretch Goal will generate a new expansion. Each expansion will be delivered to you in a separated brand new box with its own cover. The standard components in those expansions are 25 new maze/


labyrinth tiles, 3 new rabbit characters, new carrot tokens but also each expansion hides few more new components and a new or different game. We add a mechanic or play with some of the rules, therefore Carrotia can be your next favorite family game.


The Campaign goes live on August 25th and will last only 2 weeks! Hurry and spread the news!


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