Buzzy Games en Blackrock games stellen Abra Kazam! voor.

Make the others guess Spells with your wooden magic wand.
Paris - October 8, 2018 -Buzzy Games® and Blackrock Games are pleased to announce the arrival in October 2018, of the board game Abra Kazam!® created by Antonin Boccara and illustrated by Jules Dubost.

Abra Kazam! offers a friendly and fun experience that brings together all ages, from 7 to 99 years, around a spell-casting contest. The game will be available in stores at the recommended retail price of €20. The game contains 1 wooden magic wand, 8 Spellbooks cards and 96 cards figuring spells moves and challenges.
Gather up to 8 wizards and make room around the table for the Charms contest.
At your turn, grab the magic wand and try to make the others guess your spell by drawing in the air the magic move of your card.
The first to find the corresponding card on the table becomes the Wizard.
But he will have to play by following the challenge just revealed on the back of the card: transformed into a frog, an owl, an octopus? Unless he is pursued by bats? The wizards will have to undergo a multitude of delirious spells!
About the Publisher : Buzzy Games
BUZZY GAMES is a French board games publisher created in 2014. Its aim is to design fun, accessible and user friendly games. After a start in video games and 12 years serving gourmet pleasure (confectionery products, chocolates …), its creator made his greatest wish: work on the pleasure to play around the table.
His first game about funny faces launched in 2015: TOP FACE! is a huge success. It was elected “Etoile du Jouet 2015” by the jury of the French Toys Federation. On the same principle of Party game, he created and published TOP DANCE! Just Dance® with the Ubisoft’s world-famous dance game license.
About the Author : Antonin Boccara
Antonin has been creating board games for several years now. His greatest successes are: Panic Island, Kids of London, Doggy Bag and Par Odin. He also works as a Game Designer for the OldChap Games publishing and as a facilitator for an education association.
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