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Gùgōng: Pànjūn

Kickstarter Launch on September 2 !
Game Brewer is proud to announce the Kickstarter launch of Gùgōng: Pànjūn on September 2nd (at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CET)!
Andreas Steding designed 4 exciting expansion modules, that we're putting all together in 1 expansion box. Each module delivers exciting new gameplay and increases the replayability of Gùgōng considerably. The fun thing is that you can combine those modules to your own wish.
What pledge levels can you expect?
  • Gùgōng: Pànjūn deluxe expansion: 4 expansion modules in 1 box
  • Gùgōng: deluxe big box (includes the base deluxe game & Pànjūn deluxe expansion, for everyone who missed our first Kickstarter)
  • Gùgōng deluxe velvet slipcase add-on to store your own deluxe box of the base game and the expansion box in one eye-catching case!
It's important to note that this slipcase is NOT just a thin box sleeve. It's a stirdy cardboard box with the same thickness and velvet finish as the big box. The slipcase will look and feel exactly the same as the big box, so there is no need to have the big box as well.
More info about the different modules is described on the Boardgamegeek page:
In the next few days we'll post more details, the rulebook and more images.
It's also important to mention that the Kickstarter campaign will only be online from September 2nd to September 20th. We think it's important to give the deluxe expansion exactly the same finish as the deluxe base game. This means that we won't offer any stretch goals, hence the short campaign period.
We hope to see you on Kickstarter!

Spiel 2019

It's still Summer, but the biggest convention of the year is already lurking around the corner: Internationale Spieltage SPIEL at Essen (Germany). As last year, we'll share a 250 sqm (!) booth in Hall 4 (Booth 4F-107) with our friends of Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) with a total of 43 playing tables, a big shop and a Belgian Beer Bar.
These are our NEW RELEASES at Spiel:
  • Fuji Koro (standard edition) €78
  • Gùgōng: Pànjūn - mini-expansion €5
We could use some more thumbs for our games on the BGG preview list:
We will also have some prototypes of upcoming releases to try out:
  • Paris (by Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling)
  • Roxane (by Daniele Ursini)
A lot of you may have noticed that our website has been offline for a while now. To further professionalize our business, we've been working on a whole new adminstrative system, that also includes a new website. 
By the end of this week, we'll offically launch our new website, with PRE-ORDER DEALS for Spiel Essen:
  • Special DISCOUNTS on our older games
  • A FREE DRINK for everyone who pre-orders a game on our website
To demonstrate our games, we are looking for English and/or German speaking volunteers. You can enroll on our demo team website www.game-brewer.com. Once logged in, you can indicate which times you would like to help out. We will reward you with a cash expense fee (€15 per half day), games and an exhibitor ticket for the fair for 4 days.


For more Family Fun!
Amuza, our brand new firm exclusively for our line of family games, was officialy founded on August 9th, with the support of 24 shareholders. You can expect our first Amuza game in 2020, so stay tuned for the first details of this game in a couple of weeks! 
the Game Brewer & Amuza Team


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