Meet the new games for little ones from The Brainy Band!

Pet Five

We can finally answer “Yes!” to the question: “Do you have a game for 3-year-olds?” That’s because we have just released a new game called Pet Five.

Now, even the youngest players can partake in all the fun and learn to count without even noticing.

As usual, the game has three sets of rules. It teaches the kids to count to five and estimate the number of objects.
Durable cards with cute pictures and pleasant to touch dice – we’ve got everything that you need to entice the kids to play the amusing game.

Retail price is 13.90 euros
Number of games in 1 box – 32


Quackage teaches the kids 4 years and older to solve spatial problems. This game lets them practice the skill of manipulating the figures in their mind, preparing children for future mastery of mathematics. The game also develops precise fine motor skills that are important for many things, including handwriting.

The game has three sets of rules and two levels of difficulty: for children 4+ and 6+.

Retail price is 13.90 euros
Number of games in 1 box – 32

Special offer:

Include the new games Quackage and Pet Five in the order placed before September 30 and receive a discount of 50% on your whole order! Minimum wholesale order is 590 euros.


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