Preorders van Tekhenu & Tawantinsuyu

The pre-orders for Tekhenu and Tawantinsuyu just started on our website and we are happy to say that we can provide worldwide shipping for FREE!
(There are only seven exceptions: Brazil, Reunion, Philippines, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, and... Antarctica.).

➡️ If you buy Tekhenu - the game will be shipped to you in August!
➡️ If you buy Tawantinsuyu - the game will be shipped to you in October!
➡️ If you buy BOTH of them, then the games will be shipped in two waves: Tekhenu in August and Tawantinsuyu in October, of course with no shipping charges!


Why's that? How is it possible?
Well... We all need more T-named games in our lives! ;)

Man vs Meeple

Meeple University


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