Vernieuwde versie van Dungeon Fighter op Kickstarter

10 years after its original release, Dungeon Fighter is back and improved, with new heroes, new dice, new boards, and more!

Dungeon Fighter is a cooperative dexterity game for 1 to 6 players. Explore the Dungeon, test your dice-rolling skills to overcome weird and ferocious monsters, and fight your way to the final Boss!

In Dungeon Fighter, the fighting skills of your Hero depend on your own! To defeat the fiendish monsters of the dungeon, you will need to throw the dice at the right spots of the main target-board and deal them damage... but beware! If you miss the target, the monsters will strike back!
This new edition of Dungeon Fighter has been improved in many ways, but the essence is still the same: the good old dice-throwing gameplay has been mixed with new boards, dice, weapons, monsters, and crazy dice throws. Here's a quick overview of what is new in the world of Dungeon Fighter:
Evolving Heroes! Our heroes have have kept themselves busy over the past few years, training, fighting, working on themselves and improving their abilities. You can now level up your Hero during the game to increase the odds of activating your special powers with a dice throw!
New Dice! Dice with only 1 symbol are so 2010... the new game dice now have 3 different power symbols: when you level up your Hero, you can benefit from the extra icons and activate your special powers more often!
A new Dungeon mechanism! Say goodbye to pre-fixed maps! You will look at two Dungeon cards each round and choose one to determine your next destination! Choosing the more challenging rooms will advance your party faster towards the next level of the Dungeon, while choosing the easier ones will mean a safer but longer (and monster-filled) journey.
Last-strike rewards! Where is glory when you play it safe? Real Heroes always give their best, even against dying monsters! Take your chances and deal a risk-it-all last strike meeting certain criteria to obtain extra rewards at the end of the fight... like additional white dice, for example!
Dungeon Fighter now comes in different standalone versions, each with a completely different Dungeon! Each version has a unique target-board with its own gameplay elements, and of course, different dice, heroes, weapons, monsters, bosses, and rooms. It’s like a completely different game each time!
Dungeon Fighter in the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms sees our party of whimsical heroes stuck in a dangerous jungle, trying to survive the nature-related shenaningans of this labyrinth with makeshift weapons... and super-bouncy wooden dice!

Dungeon Fighter in the Chambers of Malevolent Magma sends the heroes into the blazing depths of an underground volcano, where they'll have to keep their cool against the hottest monsters out there and throw dice at an all-new target configuration!
You can also join a giveaway contest to win one of 3 bundles including both versions of the game… check at the bottom of our launch page by clicking on the button below!

We hope you will join us in this new Kickstarter adventure!


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