Nieuwsbrief NSKN Games

Volgende nieuwsbrief van NSNK Games zat in onze mailbox :

Here’s this year’s Spiel!

Although Spiel 2014 is more than a month behind us, to us it seems like the dust has not yet settled. We were (yet again!) surprised by the energy and the positivity that overtook our stay and the fun of seeing you at our booth. Thank you to everyone who swung by to buy, to play our games or just to say hello. All of you, our old fans and the new, are the best we could ever have!

Sold out in Essen

Yes, it is a fact: we sold out, even after we brought a second batch of games during the fairs. With not a single copy of Progress: Evolution of Technology, Versailles or Praetor left on Sunday (in case of Progress not only to sell, but even to present the game), we were still happy to see you and talk over cookies and crackers. Next year we will bring even more boxes, but knowing our fans, we will probably still need to secure something to put on our empty tables on Sunday!

Contests and General Craze

Apart from the Legendary Pin and Win contest, this year we also launched a special offer for all our Twitter followers, and yet again we were pleasantly surprised by how many people took part. We are thus happy to report that some sweet loot found its way into gamer hands. And as for the Pin and Win, just take a look at some of the creative people that walked away with a free, fresh of the printers game:

Exodus: Proxima Centauri expansion on Kickstarter

If you have been visiting our site and blog or following us on Facebook and Twitter, then you probably know what we are up to next: another Kickstarter and one of our most ambitious project yet! We thought it is high time to expand the critically acclaimed and fan favourite Exodus: Proxima Centauri, an do we have some goodies in store!
We also want to thank all of our fans who helped us find an awesome name for the Exodus expansion. By popular vote on Facebook and BoardGameGeek the name Exodus: Edge of Extinction was chosen. But we also have a special treat for all our newsletter subscribes – an exclusive look at how the Edge of Extinction artwork is coming along. Just take a look:
The Edge of Extinction expansion will launch in early 2015 on Kickstarter, but if you want to know more about the world of Exodus and about new content the expansion will provide, visit the NSKN Games site and our blog to read up on the factions and the history of the conflict that will finally be resolved in an epic struggle for dominance.
And in the meantime take a look at some more work in progress art:

A call to Action

Recently, one of our contributors was inspired by a Twitter and Facebook conversation with our fans to talk at length about thematic controversies in board games. We feel it was an interesting experience both for us and for our fans, so we would like to ask you to challenge us!
Did you ever want to know something about designing and publishing games, but did not have anyone on hand to ask? Do you want to know a publisher take on a board gaming related topic you find interesting or even controversial? If you did, wait no longer: reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and just ask, and we will try to answer to the best of our abilities. If we have no immediate answers, we will be happy to investigate and come up with answers. After all, publishing games, very much like playing them, is in a way a social experience, so get involved, tell us what you think and we will repay in kind.

And for now, keep playing Legendary Games!


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