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Hi, Friends!

Seven years have passed since we saw you last, and you know what? Nothing has changed... and everything has changed.

Welcome back to Yedo! Welcome home!
Originally published in 2012, Yedo has earned its rightful place in the hearts and on the tables of strategy and thematic gamers around the world. With already a great game on our hands, we decided to update the components to modern standards, add extra polish based on seven years of community feedback, and then complete the game with extra content created especially for the Yedo Deluxe Master Set by Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke - the brilliant minds behind the original Yedo.

Yedo is a thematic worker placement game, where competing clans try to become the most influential in the 16th century capital of Japan. The core of the game is made up of varied missions which all clans will try to succeed at to earn money and influence. Once a set number of rounds is over, the game ends and the clan with the most Prestige wins!

YEDO BGG game profile (2012)
YEDO Deluxe Master Set profile (2020)
We are bringing all our knowledge and experience gained working on the massively successful Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set Kickstarter campaign to make a worthy successor: Yedo Deluxe Master Set.

What Yedo Deluxe Master Set brings:
- Bigger box to comfortably fit all new components.
- Borderless cards with new stunning art.
- Custom wooden screen-printed disciples.
- The classic Yedo board updated to a modern standard.
- New double-layered Clan Boards featuring stunning art and better functionality.
- All the game components, tokens, coins will be updated and made Deluxe, while keeping the spirit of Yedo the original fans know and love.

New content, new functionalities, new modules!
- Deluxe Master Set allows you to create an experience best suited to your play style and the tastes of your gaming group every time you play by influencing multiple facets of the game: its length, difficulty level, interaction type and more!
- Yedo Deluxe Master Set comes with two new modules: SPECIALIST and TEAHOUSE.
Kickstarter campaign for Yedo Deluxe Master Set will launch on 09.09.2019.
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