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Last year MAGE Company started working on new sleeves sizes which will be added to the current premium sleeves line of MAGE.  We have added new sleeves types and sizes in the Standard and Non Standard categories. You will notice that all new sizes are in Pre-Order mode (check the image below). Among our newest sizes are sleeves for MiddaraCmon GamesZombicide character cardsEtherfieldsScytheFFG GamesTiny Epic Games7th ContinentGloomhavenNecromundaBloodbowl, and all Games Workshop titles.

In case you miss the pre-order note, once you click on a new sleeve size you will see the notice ETA: November-December (check the image below). We have tested the sizes from all new sleeves and their quality and the production is under progress. ETA in the warehouse will be late November – December.

What are the new sizes that we will have soon in stock:


The premium soft sleeves are a new category to the MCG premium sleeves line. These sleeves are 60 micron, each pack includes 100 sleeves, the price is lower from the common sleeves and the quality is still high. The standard sleeves sizes will be also available in Soft type.


Over 35 additional different sizes will be available aside the matte, soft and standard line. You can pre-order the sleeves you want and 1-2 weeks before we stock we will send you email to proceed the order. You can send us email at for any request you may have. At the moment MAGE has in stock the standard sleeve sizes, several matte sleeves and some specials sizes for Kingdom Death. 

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