2 nieuwe party games van RnR Games

Attention Party Gamers!
We've just released two doozies.

Ultimate Showdown
The game that pits famous people and characters in a bracket-tournament battle to decide once and for all – Who will triumph as the Ultimate Victor? Players bet and vote on their choice of famous contenders for the challenge at hand. Predict winners to score points and beat out your fellow players. Who’s the biggest backstabber? Last person you’d want on your jury? Most likely to lie to their mother? Pick your challenges, place your bets, get your picks to win, and BE the Ultimate Victor!
Ages 12 & up | 3 to 8 players | MSRP $19.99

Hashtag Me!
The game of storytelling and social wisecracks that will keep you in #stitches. Everyone has cool stories to tell. Time to dust off the memories and share with your friends. And that's when the fun begins. As the storyteller tells their story, the other players toss in commentary with their hashtag cards. Can you #HandleIt? Try to stay #focused through the belly laughter with this hilarious party game!
Ages 12 & up | 3 or more players | MSRP $15.99


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