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the tower is infested by monsters, 4Monster Hunter aged 6 years and older use their fingers to ward off the monsters from the tower.
Warning: you can't look inside but simply use touch to recognize your own.
See this Video  to understand more!
Designer: Simone Luciani 
Artwork: Valentina Moscon


4 merchants will compete, in the lands of Nerdorium, in order to gain greater political and commercial power.
Who will be the first to connect all cities in a perfect network? Who will collect all the valuable goods? Who will be the winner? 
Designer: Simone Luciani e Daniele Tascini
Artwork: Arnaud Demaegd

Johnny quick hand was caught but players did't know exactly who he is. Up to 16 investigators will question the witness to find out who among the suspects is the culprit.
Are you ready to endless discussions being careful not to lose too many minutes? After 60 min all the suspects will be free....
Designer: Paolo Mori
Artwork: Alessandro Costa


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