Mistfall : chronicles of frost

Walk the realms of Mistfall again in this fast deck-building adventure game!

Aestemyr, the Mistfall Universe strikes back on Kickstarter! Monsters of the Mists are once again on the move, and they want to stop you and your heroes from cleansing the world from the dark creatures. If you wish to fight them back, click here and get your own copy of Chronicles of Frost – the newest chapter in the Mistfall tale, introducing a unique Chronicles™ card system!
Chronicles of Frost is a fast-paced deckbuiding game of exploration, questing, combat and character building. It is a completely standalone 45-60 minute game that you need to back, because:
  • It introduces an innovative Chronicles™ card system, which offers opportunities and important decisions every turn, while immersing yourself in the game more than ever before!
  • It offers great adventure and fast gameplay with a rich world of heroes, quests and monsters you can explore with 2 to 4 players in under 60 minutes!
  • It is highly replayable and lets you build your hero through abilities, items and skills – and shape the world anew each time you play!
  • It brings a unique card playing rules that allows you to not only play your hand, but also unlock the ability of each played card for even greater effects!
  • With your support we can add more content to the game!
  • You will get your game before it gets to retail, and with a set of coveted limited stretch goals!
  • Only now you can bundle it with a set of fantastic miniatures and Paladin Card Protectors!
Enter Aestemyr, the world of Mistfall once again as a hero on a path to greatness. Back now to ensure you will get all the stretch goals!

Paladin comes to protect your cards once again!

Paladin Card Protection – the only gaming sleeves that come in gamers’ quantities – 55 in a pack – will strike again to raise his shield and sword to protect your collection! Make sure you follow us on Kickstarter and Facebook and be among the first to stand with Paladin in the end of November!


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