Nieuwe spellen van NSKN in Essen.

Finally! This time of the year is here and we can meet in Essen. This year is very special for us, as we can proudly present Dragonsgate College - a marvelous dice placement game from the designers of critically acclaimed Yedo - as well as the newest part of the Mistfall universe – Shadowscape,  a smart dungeon crawler with no luck factor and two play modes. We are also having an amazing Sunday Raffle – every 25 euros spent in our booth gives you a ticket that can win you the Monumental Mistfall Big Box!

Dragonsgate College

Authors: Thomas Vande Ginste & Wolf Plancke

For 2-4 players
Play time: 60-90 minutes
  • Be the craftiest Head of School of a Student House and train your apprentices to be the best wizards, rogues and warriors of all times!
  • Use innovative dice placement mechanism to your advantage and benefit from other players using your dice
  • Build a unique School of Dangerous Arts  to host your professors and apprentices
  • Enjoy high replayablility and great art design
Read the rules

Shadowscape & Deeper Dungeon

Author: Błażej Kubacki

For 1-4 players
Play time: 60 minutes
  • Choose between cooperative and competitive play mode
  • Fight the dark monstrosities dwelling in the murky dungeons
  • Manage one of the thirteen unique heroes and their special action cards
  • Gather weapons, new abilities, find treasures to face the Dungeon Lord in the exciting adventure finale!
Shadowscape rules are here!

The Monumental Mistfall Big Box Sunday Raffle

A huge, hand made and painted wooden box, filled with everything Mistfall has to offer: Mistfall, Heart of the Mists, Valskyr, Shadowscape and Heroes of Mistfall Miniatures Pack can be yours! All you have to do is to come to our 1-G124 booth in Essen and pick up your raffle tickets – you get one for every full 25 euros spent in our booth. At noon on Sunday we will do the raffle and if you’re there at that point – the Monumental Box can be yours!

Paladin Card Protection

Visit our booth and see for yourself the premium card sleeves branded with the Paladin’s shield and sword. We will have a special offer: bundle one of our games with a set of sleeves and get the best card protection at a great price!


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