Nieuwe spellen van White Goblin Games in Essen

White Goblin Games present:
Montana, Bali, Ali Baba and Claim

In the past year White Goblin Games have been working hard on four games, developed in cooperation with renowned game designers. This season these titles will be presented internationally at the world's greatest game fair, Essen Spiel. In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to these four games: Montana, Bali, Ali Baba and Claim.
Reviewers from all over the world have already had the opportunity to try these games out and have been full of praise about these new titles. In addition to this, numerous foreign publishers have shown strong interest in publishing these games in their own countries.
If you too would like to play these great new games, reserve your copy before the end of October in our webshop and receive a nice discount on the retail price!

Halfway through the 19th century, many fortune seekers travelled to Montana in search of work in order to build a better future for themselves — and there is an abundance of work as in the mountains precious metals are to be found and on the fields a lot of manpower is required. Meanwhile, the number of settlements is growing and the demand for goods is rising. Recruit the right workers, deliver goods on time, and choose your settlements tactically.
A fast-playing worker placement game with a unique twist
Be the first to build all your settlements and win the game
A new game by Rüdiger Dorn (known for, among others, Istanbul)

** Exclusive hand-painted cows for the first 500 people who preorder **

watch the trailer | more information | reserve your copy (from €49.95 for €42.50)

The inhabitants of Bali regard their island as a world of gods and demons. The people sacrifice much of the harvest to appease these gods and the spirits of their ancestors. Farmers collect goods on the fields. When a shrine is built, these goods can be sacrificed. Priests help with these sacrifices and also chase away any demons.
A tactical card game with a unique game mechanism
Includes two mini-expansions for even more variation
A new game by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (known for Carcassonne)
watch the trailer | more information | reserve your copy (from €24.95 for €20.00)

Open sesame! Before Ali Baba's amazed eyes, the sealed mouth of the cave magically opens. The cave is filled with treasures: golden statues, chests with coins, shiny swords, and necklaces with precious stones. An enormous pile of treasures almost reaches the roof of the cave. Ali Baba doesn't hesitate and starts gathering treasures... He will have to be quick and make sure to be out before the forty thieves return….
Collect sets of the same treasures from the cave of the forty thieves
Each tile has a magical effect. So many options!
A short and quick game, with simple rules: an ideal family game!
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The King is dead! What happened? Nobody really knows, but he was found face down in a wine barrel this morning. It could have been either foul play or his own thirst that did him in. Regardless, the King is dead without any known heirs, so it's up to the five factions of the realm to decide who will provide the new king: Will it be you or your opponent? Do you have what it takes to win over the realm's factions?
A trick taking game for two players
Five different factions, each with their own special power
Beautiful artwork with 52 unique illustrations
watch the trailer | more information | reserve your copy (from €10.95 for €9.00)


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