Arkwright, the card game : op kickstarter vanaf 10 augustus.

Arkwright: The Card Game

Coming to Kickstarter 10 Aug

Arkwright: The Card Game is a card implementation of the board game Arkwright, from the original designer, Stefan Risthaus (Arkwright, Gentes, Level X) with artwork by Mehdi Merrouche (1st board game project). 

Arkwright: The Card Game is a game of running a successful business, employing workers in factories, and producing/selling goods. The more workers that have a job, the more goods that can be sold - but be prepared for crises and competitors. 
This complex card game translates the original board game in to a small box experience without losing any of the depth of strategy or competitive game play. Mechanizing your factories and increasing output will allow you to increase your share value, and profitable sales of goods will grant you an edge to victory. 

Other Game Brewer News

We'll be participating in GenCon Online this July 30- Aug. 2. We'll have playthroughs of Arkwright: The Card Game, demos of Gùgōng, Festo, and Paris on Tabletopia, as well as a Paris tournament on the same platform.  

Gùgōng: Pànjūn is set to release in late August, and we can announce that due to a partnership with GTS Distribution, this game, as well as Festo! Fuji Koro, and upcoming Paris will be available in local game stores as well as directly from our website. 

Lastly, we're already building toward our next Kickstarter Launch (Q4): Rulebenders. Here's a first look at the cover art by Naïade (Tokaido, Seasons and many more) for this time traveling game that twists the rules, bends the theme, and even changes the duration, each time you play. 

To stay informed about our imprint Amuza Games, and all that they have in store this year, we recommend you follow Amuza Games on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join them as they bring the first bundle of games, Pizza, Circus, and Bugz to Kickstarter! 

Mark your calendars for Sept. 7th!


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