Deal with the Devil


Trade one with another, and even perhaps the devil himself, to build a mighty city of the middle ages by any means necessary.
Will you risk selling a piece of your soul for bountiful rewards? Or find some other means to outpace your rivals.

Introducing Deal with the Devil, the new euro-style game from Matúš Kotry, author of Alchemists. Europe release in October 2022, getting to the United States later this year.

In this 4-player game, players will compete to construct grand buildings in a medieval city. The key to success is to make smart deals with the other players, offering them things they really need in exchange for the resources you need, even if that means selling pieces of your soul to the player who is secretly the devil!

Thanks to the simple app, all identities and trades are kept secret, and nobody really knows who is who...

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  • Check the Dice Tower – Mega Announcement stream (and replay) today, where Eleni shares more details about the game. 
  • Gain a chance to win Deal with the Devil or other new game titles on our new BGG contest starting on Friday, July 22nd.
  • If you are going to Gen Con in August, you can enjoy a first look at the Deal with the Devil prototype in CGE room n. 235.
  • The planned release for Europe is Essen Spiel 2022 – October, followed by the United States later this year. The recommended price will be €/$69.95.
  • Meanwhile, please subscribe to the Deal with the Devil's page on Board Game Geek for more updates and content, including an interview with the designer, game art, etc.


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