New GDM release in Essen : Insecta, Festival and Tempo

Insecta: The Ladies of Entomology (Catalan/English/Spanish edition) (2022)

We have known the history and travels of great naturalists (Darwin, Humboldt), but the work of many women remains unrecognized. At a time and faced with obstacles that seemed insurmountable for being women, they were brave, irreducible and tenacious in their passion for insects.

Insecta is a tribute to entomology and these women. As an entomologist, you will compete with other players to collect the most beautiful and interesting collection of insects in the world.

On each turn you can choose two insect or target cards to get the most points. Each entomologist or traveler will show and facilitate some of these objectives according to the order of the insects and the places where they are in the world.

Festival (EN/FR/GE/SP edition) (2022)

Festival is a board game that recreates the movements between stages that happen at music festivals.

Players will control groups of people, represented by polynomials, who will enter the concert venue or move according to their interests, they may want to go to one of the four stages, buy some food or drink or buy a t-shirt of their favorite group.

The game is played in rounds, starting with the player who has the Start of a Round marker. Players’ turns go in clockwise order until a round is completed. In your turn, you must place one of your Audience tokens or move one of your tokens already on the board.

At the end of each round, solve the farthest Festival card from the deck by placing the markers from the Scoring board in the corresponding order. That is, from the first position (the player with the highest majority) to the last one with the card symbol (the player with the lowest majority) . In case of a tie, follow the turn order to assign the positions.
Each player gains the bonus indicated on their space. The first player will get 4 points and the last one will get the solved Festival card. If there are more players, the second
player will get 2 points and the third 1 point.

You can also score points for objective cards (there are 3 always face up next to the board.) And for pairs of card with different signs (horny hand or microphone)

If, at the end of a round, there are no more Festival cards or Permanent Objective cards available, the game ends.

Tempo (EN/FR/GE/SP edition) (2021)

Welcome to the unique show of Tempo, where your voice harmony, rhythm and melody will be the stars. Aren't you good at singing? Do you have no rhythm? Don't worry, it'll be fun!

Choose one player to be the metronome, they'll be in charge of keeping the tempo and dealing the cards.
The metronome chooses the cards according to their difficulty and shuffles them.
The first times you play, we suggest starting with value 1 and 2 cards.

The metronome deals one card facing up to each player and starts marking a time signature (one, two, three, four) repeating it throughout the round. This will mark the rhythm to follow.

After the first time signature (one, two, three, four) the rest of the players will sing the note on their card at the same time.

It the player has a (crotchet) card, it will last the same time that a number of the 4/4 time signature. A quaver will make us sing the two syllables in that same time, a triplet quaver, three and a semiquaver, four.

In each time signature, before number three, the metronome will give a new card to one of the players. Those will have to switch between their notes from now on. For each number of the time signature, they will sing a note. A player shall never have two cards more than another.

If at any time, the metronome detects a mistake, stops the song shouting 'TEMPO!'. All the players keep their card with the highest score, except the one who made the mistake, who gives their highest card to the metronome.

If nobody makes any mistakes and all the players get to sing their 4 notes during a time signature, each one keeps their card with the highest score and the metronome doesn't keep any.

The remaining cards are shuffled again and the player on the right of the previous metronome becomes the new one.

The game ends when all the players have played as a metronome once. The one with more points wins.


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