Sagrada Artisans op Kickstarter



Craft Your Stained Glass Legacy!

Coming to Kickstarter on September 13th.
Join the pre-launch page and be among the first to discover a twist on the classic Sagrada gameplay unconstrained by the shape and size of dice. We cannot wait to show you more!

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Coming September 13th to Kickstarter, Sagrada Artisans builds upon the successful Sagrada formula and brings it to an all-new stand-alone legacy campaign experience!

In Sagrada Artisans you’ll compete as rival families of stained-glass window artisans, each chronicling your designs of the famous Sagrada Familia’s windows during its construction. Throughout a campaign spanning generations, each window pattern will present new objectives and challenges. Gain powerful new abilities, and unlock wondrous new tools that you’ll carry through the campaign… and beyond!
Join the Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page!

I cannot wait for fans of Sagrada and legacy games alike to discover everything Sagrada Artisans has to offer. It's been such a challenging, special project to work on and I'm incredibly proud of what the team has crafted.
- Ben Harkins & Team Floodgate
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