PowerCore: Call of Cthulhu op Kickstarter


The veil is lifted. Worlds await your chaos!

The world’s best roleplaying game of mystery and horror has been unleashed on Kickstarter! Worlds collide as the legendary Call of Cthulhu game line combines with the all new PowerCore™️ game system! 
Licensed by Chaosium, 
PowerCore: Call of Cthulhu transforms two players into cosmic monsters older than time itself. In a game that can last 30-60 minutes, fight against each other as you prepare to dominate
the world.
Harness the wrath of the Power Cores and combine your Character decks to unleash ungodly amounts of power and fury!  The monstrocities from the Call of Cthulhu mythos will feel different in the hands of each player creating a game of unbelievable replayability. Are you ready to set the skies on fire?
Join the Gods or face your doom.


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