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Progress: Evolution of Technology

NSKN Games is proud to announce the second board game release in 2014, Progress: Evolution of Technology, a civilization building game depicting mankind’s technological progress from the prehistoric times until the first Industrial Revolution.

Progress: Evolution of Technology is the first board game from NSKN Games launched on Kickstarter and it has reached its funding goal in the first 13 hours.
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About Progress: Evolution of Technology

With 56 technologies spread over three ages in the base game and yet another 50 technologies in the upcoming expansions, Progress: Evolution of Technology give players the opportunity to rewrite history, guiding their nations through the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Progress: Evolution of Technology is the latest title signed by Agnieszka Kopera and Andrei Novac, the designers of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, debuting on Kickstarter today.
Versailles, Perfect Storm: Alaska, Simurgh
and an expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri

In the next 12 months NSKN Games will release several other titles.

Versailles, an innovative family game built around the worker placement mechanism, will be available at Spiel ’14 Essen together with Praetor and Progress: Evolution of Technology.

The palace and gardens of Versailles, finalized under the rule of Louis XIV of France, are an architectural marvel of the world. 2 to 5 players will take the roles of architects and interior designers, working together to build and decorate the ensemble of Versailles, competing for the favor of the King.

In Versailles, players will take turn moving one worker from a building site to an adjacent one, activating all the workers in the new location. With simple rules, players will develop complex strategies, gathering resources, building the puzzle-like palace, designing impressive decorations and learning new skills, waiting for the arrival of his Majesty.

Designed by Pierluca Zizzi, Simurgh is a board building game for 2 to 5 players. Set in a fantasy world, humans and dragons alike are fighting for dominance in an ever changing landscape. Featuring an innovative mechanism of board building, every turn players chose which pieces of the game board are available, competing to gain dominance, exploring, harvesting resources and taming the most impressive dragons the world has ever seen.
Perfect Storm: Alaska

Perfect Storm: Alaska is a friendly family game for 2 to 5 players who will take the roles of small entrepreneurs looking to make their fortune fishing in the Bering Sea. Perfect Storm: Alaska is a game of risk management and every player will have to calculate his decision to fish for the most valuable prey without exposing his crew and cargo to unnecessary danger.
An expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri - work in progress

For the past two years, the team of designers from NSKN Games have been developing an expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri. Without an official name yet, the upcoming expansion is due at the beginning of 2015 and it will add asymmetric game play to an already epic empire building game. The expansion will add special player powers, a set of over 20 new technologies, alternate ways of gaining victory points and a new set of political cards.


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