Print & Play van Trismegistus beschikbaar


I'm launching Season2 of PnP while playing Mario Origami Kingdom - coincidence? I don't think so!

We are back with Season 2 of our Print and Play B&D access!

During Season 1 we went on an adventure through the universes of Mistfall and Mars, and ended up closing portals in CERN!

With access to Season 2 you will yet again - every month! - gain access to a new game prepared to be easily printed and played using your own home printer.

We want to start this season with a real surprise:
Trismegistus Roll&Write! It’s a game designed by Daniele Tascini which converts the big game experience of alchemists  transmuting materials into a roll-and-write format.

This R&W implementation of Trismegistus uses the dice from the base game, so if you have your own copy of Tris, you will save some time on printing and cutting :)

If you don't have the base game, then the files package comes with printable dice! You just print them and fold into cubes - but you can easily print them and stick their faces to real dice as well.


But what other games will be included in Season 2?

For this season we have prepared some of our BIG GAMES, so joining S2 will be even more exciting and rewarding. Just take a look on this list:

- Trismegistus Roll&Write

- Progress: Evolution of Technology

- In the name of Odin

- Praetor

- Versailles

- Simurgh

This sounds like 6 months of proper gaming, doesn’t it? :)

PnP access Q/A

Q: Do I need to pay €10 every month?

No, you pay only once to gain access to all our P&P games for the whole season.

Q: I have access to Season 1, do I have to get access to Season 2?

Yes, Season 1 gives you access to all games released in Season 1, to get access to Season 2 games you need to buy new access.

Q: I don't have Season 1 access, can I still join?

Yes, just go to our Season 1 access in our web store, and buy it.

Q: If I join in January do I get access to all games released in previous months?

Yes, you do. Once you join, you get access to all already released P&P games and all the future ones. It doesn't matter when you decide to hop on board!

Q: What is Print&Play?

Every game we're releasing this way will be prepared to be printed and cut out at home, using only paper and scissors. You won't need any special equipment - a home printer will do just fine!

Each month you'll get access to a new folder with A4 and letter-sized PDF files which will contain all game components.


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