Nieuwe release van Cranio Creations op Spiel 2015

ESSEN Booths 1-A118 & 2-C121

Control the council of nobles, build trading post in the major cities and concatenate you actions in a good way. Let's go and try the last Luciani and Tascini game at Cranio Booth. 

Price: 34,95€ and a special gift for first 44 copies!
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See the face, dicover the sectets, and find the suspect. In Unusual suspect you will win with your friends if are able to discover the criminal but pay attentions, no one physical demand can be done. Let's try last Paolo Mori game at Cranio Booth.
Price: 21,95€ 
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THE TOWER!Monsters came back to the city and only you are able to but the out with you dextrous fingers. A funny game for 4 player, ready to play. Let's go to own booth and try own giant version.

Price: 29,95€
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