Press Release: Capsicum Games at Spiel'15

Press Release: Capsicum Games at Spiel'15

Capsicum Games will be present at Spiel'15. Find us at booth 3E111, meet the authors, try our games and get them at special prices.

(new at Spiel'15)

Siggil is a cards game by Henri Kermarrec, illustrated by Maud Chalmel, for 1 to 4 players. The cards are placed according a simple form called a Siggil, a magical seals where Spirits cards are locked. The players must untie the Siggil and capture the Spirits that are escaping by playing the right combination of cards.

Fleet Commander 1 - Ignition

Players: 2     Duration : 40 minutes     Age : 12+

Fleet Commander 1 is a space battle game with miniatures, very easy to learn with huge depth and potential. It has been released at Spiel'14. Due to its success, it will be presented again with its famous "light table".

Fleet Commander - Deep Space
- Upgrade pack - 

Deep Space is an upgrade pack for "Fleet Commander 1 - Ignition", including a 60x60cm rubber game mat and 6 blue dice.

Fleet Commander 2
Beyond the gate
- Expansion -

With "Fleet Commander 2 - Beyond the gate", enter the full dimension of Fleet Commander with new space ships, weapons and fields. Now you will be able to customize your fleet and set up massive battles with the multi-player mode.

Fleet Commander - Orbit
- Expansion -

Obit is a 60x60cm rubber game mat with a revolutionary design. With Orbit, extend your confrontations to solar systems. The presence of a sun at the center of the battle will totally change the space-time within which your ships evolve.


Players: 2     Duration : 20 minutes     Age : 8+

The famous chinese game 'Lu Zhan Qi", adapted to the prohibition time. A "must have".


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