Florian Racky wins Hamburg Game Designers Award 2016

Small game makes it big: "Prince & Princess": Florian Racky wins Hamburg Game Designers Award 2016

Hamburg, Germany  January 8th, 2016 – German game designer Florian Racky wins the Hamburg Game Designers Award 2016. On January 6th the award was presented to Racky and his micro game „Prince & Princess“ by the Hamburg game designers guild „Spielwerk Hamburg“ and the well-known publisher Pegasus Spiele. Rackys minimalist card game was one of more than 50 entries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the annual game designers contest hosted by the Spielwerk Hamburg and was able to fascinate the entire jury.

"I am delighted that I won this big award with such a small card game“ says the 44 year-old game designer from the greater Frankfurt area as he received the award trophy from Pegasus‘ managing editor Klaus Ottmaier. Ottmaier states „I was amazed by the sheer amount of innovative ideas I was able to see and play in the course of the design contest. „Prince & Princess“ however, took our editorial staff by storm – we couldn’t stop playing it.“

„Prince & Princess“ is a micro game for 4-10 players, consisting only of 18 cards. Players secretly take the role of courtly characters who strive to acchieve their own personal goal before the prince and the princess have their royal wedding. It is a game of hidden roles, bluffing and backstabbery that plays in 15 minutes. Florian Rackys game is now under close consideration at Pegasus Spiele and has a high chance to be published in the near future.

Shaun Graham, founder of the Hamburg Game Designers Guild and creator of the Hamburg Game Designers Award draws a very positive conclusion: „The Spielwerk Hamburg is amazed by the creativity of all participating deisgners. It is a delight to see this vibrant community of designers growing. Therefore, we are eager to announce the next Game Designers Contest at the beginning of February.“

More information about the Hamburg Game Designers Award can be found at www.spielwerkhamburg.de or by directly contacting: Shaun Graham (Founder of the Hamburg Game Designers Guild) shaun@spielwerkhamburg.de +49 (0)176 82680 353

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