22 oktober 2014


De review van Diamonds zal deze keer in het Engels gebeuren. Dat komt omdat de mensen van Stronghold games gevraagd hadden om deze review ook op boardgamegeek te posten. En aangezien
de meeste daar Engels lezen en schrijven, zal de rest van de review in het Engels zijn.

Diamonds are forever baby ! 

If you love diamonds and card games than this is the perfect game for you. Don’t hesitate and start playing this pretty beautiful game: call up to 5 friends and enjoy this fun tactical card game!
The goal of the game is to collect as many diamonds as possible. To do so, you have a vault to store the diamonds and your own showroom. When you can transfer the diamonds to your vault, the diamonds are save. Diamonds in the vault double their value.

When you win a trick of cards you get a suit action. This could be : take diamonds from the supply to put in your showroom, or move diamonds from your showroom to your safe, or take diamonds from the supply directly into your vault and the most interesting action : steel diamonds from the showroom of other players and move them to your showroom.

This trick taking card game is special, because if a player cannot follow the suit, he can play another card and he may directly take a suit action. So you need to plan ahead and be carefull if you want to be the best diamond collector.
The rulebook contains the basic rules, but also rules for 2 players and some variant rules.

This game was donated by Stronghold and can be played at Het Geel Pionneke from november on.

Number of players : 2-6
Age : 8 and up
Playing time : 30 minutes

18 september 2014


We schrijven het jaar 1300 na Christus, te Schotland, toen dit deel nog bij Engeland hoorde. Of wacht eens even, dat is pas vandaag of ze beslissen of dit deel van het land apart gaat bestaan ....
Er speelde zich toen in de hooglanden ook al een onafhankelijkheidsstrijd af tussen de onderdrukte clans van MacBlue en de koninklijke tiran Royal Red. In 1298 vindt er een beslissend treffen plaats. Alle middelen worden ingezet. Het zal erom spannen : gaat Willy er met de overwinning vandoor of strijkt Hughie alle eer op ?

Het treffen wordt nog iets ingewikkelder : Willy Wallace is heimelijk verliefd op de dochter van Hughie de Cressingham, terwijl deze helemaal weg is van de dochter van Willy. De winnaar van deze amoureuze strijd wordt degene, die als eerste zijn geliefde verschalkt.

Braverats bestaat al een tijdje, het werd eerst uitgebracht onder de vrij korte naam 'R'. Zelden vinden we leuke spelletjes met zo weinig materiaal. Love letter is een super spel met slechts 16 kaarten. We zijn benieuwd of jullie deze Braverats ook zo leuk gaan vinden, want ook dit spel bevat slechts 16 kaarten.

Beide spelers krijgen 8 kaarten op hand, genummerd van 0 tot 7. Elke kaart heeft een eigen speciale kracht. Beide spelers kiezen tegelijk een kaart in het geheim en draaien deze open. De kaart met het hoogste nummer wint de ronde. Maar de speciale eigenschappen van de kaarten kunnen alles overhoop gooien : ze beïnvloeden het spel erg veel.

Dit spel werd geschonken door 999 Games en is vanaf oktober te spelen bij Het Geel Pionneke.
Braverats is te koop bij spelmagazijn met 10% korting voor de leden.

Aantal spelers : 2
Leeftijd : vanaf 10 jaar
Speelduur : 5 minuten

16 september 2014

Persbericht Cranio Creations

Volgend persbericht van Cranio Creations vonden we in onze mailbox :


DUNGEON BAZARCollect many equipments in the Dragon Cave, sell them to brave but stingy Heroes and become the richest Merchant. A strategic game with a lot of interaction and fun.
Price: 34.95€

NovitSOQQUADROThe treasures you have always dreamed of are already around you. Find them quickly and win this crazy research race. A fast and superfunny game for everybody.
Price: 16.95€

TUTTOCREPAX VOL.1 VALENTINAThe very first game illustrated by world known artist Guido Crepax. His popular character Valentina is the protagonist of this game of incredible visual value.
Price: 19.95€

BIM BUM BAMThe "First Player" Deck with the Cranio touch! Now you have the power to determine who's the winner in every other situation of indecision.
Price: 7.95€

NovitESSEN SPIELE 2014We will be in Essen from the 14th of October, booth 1-A118.
People, shops, distributors interested in pre-orders can come from Tuesday to visit us. But HURRY UP! Our products can go sold out very quicly!!
Tutti in lizza!
Per aggiudicarvi gli ambiti premi dovrete rispondere  rispondere per primi alle seguenti tre domande.
Tutti in lizza!
Per aggiudicarvi gli ambiti premi dovrete rispondere  rispondere per primi alle seguenti tre domande.

10 september 2014

Persbericht Pegasus spiele

Volgend persbericht van Pegasus Spielen vonden we in onze mailbox :
The new games by Pegasus Spiele
Pegasus Spiele announced all new releases for late 2014

Friedberg, September 10th, 2014: Pegasus Spiele looks back on a very successful year. The publisher’s critically acclaimed variety of board games was crowned in July with the influential awards “Spiel des Jahres” for Camel Up and “Kennerspiel des Jahres” for Istanbul. With the “Internationale Spieltage SPIEL’14” in Essen approaching, Pegasus Spiele announced its new releases for late 2014. More than ever this season offers a varied and coherent program with great games for every taste. Some of this autumn’s highlights by Pegasus Spiele are:

Iconic game designer Stefan Feld’s highly anticipated new game leads players to the floor of the ocean. While aboard an underwater research facility, players need to collect data through clever planning and action selection. Constant time pressure and annoying octopods make this task even more challenging. AquaSphere is a tense strategy game for players who are in the know.

Grog Island
The slightly different pirate game: Through clever auctions-by-dice players buy bizarre real estates, such as the peg-leg shop, and trade with the occasional merchant stopping by. Grog Island was designed by popular author Michael Rieneck (“Deutscher Spielepreis”, i.e. German Games Award) and edited by eggertspiele ( “Spiel des Jahres” 2014: Camel Up).

The 7th Dwarf (original title: Der 7bte Zwerg)
Peter Neugebauer’s The 7th Dwarf is a fast-paced dice game accompanying the comedic animated film of the same name. In this game all players are always involved in the action: While the active player rolls up to seven dice in the hope of putting them in ascending order, the other players bet on whether he will succeed.
Hospital Rush
The hospital needs a new doctor. To get hold of that dream job, players have to cure patients and
outdo their competitors alike. Before long, dirty tricks and backstabbing become the method of choice. Hospital Rush is a light, fun worker placement game, chock-full of funny illustrations. Thanks to individual player abilities every game plays out differently.

More pirates! This time the fast ones: In a game of Marco Teubner’s Hook!, all players act simultaneously. At the same time each player reveals a target card and then places one of his sight cards onto any revealed target card. To get the best results players need to watch closely and react quickly. Hook! is the craziest pastime since the invention of peg-legs.

A complete overview of all the new releases by Pegasus Spiele for the fourth quarter of 2014 can be found in the download section of this News.

09 september 2014

Persbericht NSKN Games

Het volgende persbericht van NSKN games vonden we in onze mailbox :

Versailles – new release at Spiel Essen

NSKN Games is proud to announce Versailles, our third board game release in 2014.
Versailles is a strategy board game designed by Andrei Novac and published by NSKN Games in cooperation with 4 other publishing houses covering 7 languages. Designed and developed in English, Versailles will also be released in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Polish.
The first few hundred copies of Versailles will be available at the NSKN Games booth at Spiel ’14 Essen, where the game will make its European debut.

About NSKN Games     About Versailles    Rules     Components


About Versailles

In Versailles 2-5 players become master builders competing over the favour of King Louis XIV and the title of main architect of the legendary palace. Every turn a player moves one or more of their workers through a network of locations. Each location provides valuable resources or a way to spend them on tiles representing parts of the palace and its surrounding gardens, on decorations and technologies that bolster gathering and building abilities.
A unique movement and location activation system requires clever workforce management which makes every move count and makes every game tense right to the end, when a single master builder is chosen to be the King’s personal architect.
Game components

Release dates

The official European release will take place on October 16th, 2014 at Spiel ’14 Essen and Versailles will reach hobby stores in Europe in the second half of November 2014.
The English/French edition will be carried by major hobby distributors in the United States and a North American release is planned for December 2014 or January 2015.

Versailles Media Kit

This Media Kit package has been carefully prepared to provide you with a unique choice of Versailles’ artwork and graphical presentation of game components for advertising purposes.
Please download the Versailles Media Kit for high quality images with the game components and contact Agnieszka Kopera for marketing or advertising related questions.

Download Versailles Media Kit

05 september 2014

Persbericht Mage Company

Dit nieuws van Mage Company is vers van de pers :

The 3rd World War was referred, by many, as the last war because of the vastness of destruction that it had caused. Everywhere around the world, mankind suffered great casualties and horror — but a few survivors that had the power and the resources built mighty cities all around the world to gain strength and rule again. The cities that were built each had a unique aspect: They contained golden metallic walls, symbolizing hope. Thus, they were named the Golden Cities. This game takes place five years after the Last War, with the players taking on the role of people vying for citizenship within a Golden City.

Raid and Trade is a negotiation and resource management game for 3-5 players. The player who is able to enter the golden city first wins, and there are three different ways to enter the golden city:
Become an expert: Reach 20 skill points.
Serve the city: Fulfill three secret quests.
Become a nobleman: Get the most possible character points.

You can vote the box and the Minis on Board Game Geek just by checking the gallery of the game. Check it here

In each turn, the players can spend action points to do several actions such as moving through the city, raiding buildings, attacking other players, and more. Each player has a specific skill — mechanic, trader, electrician, bodyguard and medic — and has his own unique items to build; those items can be traded off against other items or resources.

The board of the game is modular so that in every game you have a new map to discover. All over the map, the players find different buildings which they can raid. Each time a player raids a building, a raid card of this type of building is taken and read, which leads to specific circumstances taking place. The player will be made to make various decisions including important moral decisions! Upon resolving the various decisions, you will receive character points. The choices you make, for good or for bad, will lead to specific perks and advantages (or disadvantages) during the progress of the game. When raiding a building, you get resources (tools, scraps, mechanics, electronics, etc.). By combining these resources, you can craft items with special abilities. By doing so, you will advance your skill points.

Every player also gets secret quests of the golden city. To fulfill these quests, the players have to spend the resources mentioned on the card. To fulfill a quest will not only lead the players closer to victory but also give them advantages for the rest of the game. We will demo the game at Essen Spiel, on October at our booth Hall 3 - Booth O103 while we have scheduled the campaign for the Kickstarter on November 3.

Currently we launched a new campaign on Kickstarter for a new game called "The Orcfather" a fantasy-themed card game for 2-10 players with basic price at $30 including ship fees for several countries. Check it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/the-orcfather

We will be at Essen Spiel at Hall 3 - Booth 3-O103 along with the team who will demo our games. Here is the diagram of our booth where you can find us:

At this Spiel we will also carry 12 Realms. Any issues from the first printing run has been addressed and the reprint of the game is better than ever with upgraded quality, revised rules, glued minis and more. The game will have a special price at 35 EU but also there will be packs that include small expansion for the basic game.

We will also demo some of the Plots of the 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy. Since we still develop the game, we made sure to create a couple prototypes in order to demo the new adventures among the realms!

Four exciting new realms lie hidden in the Fairy World and you must prepare yourself to explore them so as to defeat all of their enemies. Kievan Empire, Golden Caliphate, Olympia, and Nile Valley are the new lands you will get to explore to learn their secrets. Ruslan, Sinbad, along with the rest of the heroes, will unite to fight against Marid, Sobek, and the rest of the Dark Lords!

Ancestors Legacy provides a much different game through its plots. There are now three different plots for both editions, which include a background story and significantly increase the difficulty level and excitement of the game – increasing the amount of decisions that players will have to make. A plot may have you playing with six realms (combining old and new lands), facing all of the Dark Lords, or creating a really fast game with a unique set-up. Now, more than ever, team camaraderie will be necessary in order to reach victory!

Our new game Höyük will be also available since we finished the production and the game is on the way. The price for the game will be at 35 EU. This version is trlingual: EN-FR-GE

Imagine yourself some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.
Your clan has left the ancient nomadic life and settled with four other clans in the valley. The community has repeatedly succeeded in harvesting crops, and some families are getting better at raising animals; next moon will see the birth of a new generation of pups. We all praise our own gods and Mother Goddess for being good to us. This new era has brought something new to us: The area is progressively filling with dwellings, built tight against each other. New generations are building their houses over the remains of old constructions. Our greatest families have now constructions way up over the land, proudly showing off their shrines and wealth to the community. Who knows, when the children of our children will come to the world, which clan will rule this multitude?

 In Höyük, each player represents a clan that settles with other clans to erect a village. During the game, a replica of a Neolithic settlement will be built on the Höyük board using tiles that represent houses. Many additional pieces — such as ovens, shrines, and pens — will also aid a player in building his settlements. ("Höyük" is Turkish for hill or mound. The word is also used for prehistoric settlements in the region that have a characteristic, hill-like look from houses being built on top of older houses and the absence of streets between the houses because people entered their homes through the roof.) The goal of the game is to build the best settlement and score the most victory points, with multiple paths to victory and many choices along the way. The best clan will prevail in Höyük!

04 september 2014

Romance of the Nine Empires

Countermay is een fictieve wereld, waar al meer dan 1000 jaar oorlog heer en meester is. Door de aanhoudende gevechten, vloeken, buitenaardse parasieten en demonische invloeden is deze planeet een echte ruïne geworden en op sterven na dood. Aan jou om deze planeet van een doom scenario te behoeden.

Romance of the nine empires is een interactief - kaart - verzamel - spel dat zich afspeelt in de fictieve wereld van Countermay. De spelers nemen het leiderschap over één van de 9 verschillende partijen, waaronder daar zijn : de steampunk aliens, duistere goden, wereldoorlog II Amerikaanse GI's, een een leger van ondoden ... voor elk wat wils. Dit zootje ongeregeld moeten jullie laten expanderen, laten overwinnen, of laten verdedigen.

Deze set van kaarten stelt de fictieve 15de verjaardag van de World Championship Edition van de Romance of the Nine Empires voor, en het bevat ook de decks die gebruikt worden door de belangrijkste karakters voor elke partij.

Dit spel werd door AEG geschonken en is het spel van de maand oktober bij het Geel Pionneke.

Aantal spelers : 2-5
Leeftijd : vanaf 12 jaar
Speelduur : 45 minuten