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Nieuw van CGE : Trapwords.

We would like to officially announce that Trapwords will become another new title for this year.
We plan to release it for Essen Spiel'18 (25th-28th October) and then ship it over the ocean to our US friends as soon as possible.
The game is for 2 teams, divided into two approximately equivalent number of players and takes about 30 minutes to play.
The recommended price will be $19.95 / 16.95 €.

It was created together by a trio of promising new Czech authors, Jan Březina, Martin Hrabálek, and Michal Široký. Their lifelong love for board games and a two-year game development lead to creating Trapwords.

It could remind you of the classic word game known as Taboo, but this one has an interesting twist on gameplay - the opposing team is the one who chooses the words you cannot use.

With you having no idea which words are “traps”, it’s like dancing on a minefield, when you’re trying to describe your assigned word to the rest of the team.

Fun prototype fact:
One of the very first pr…

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