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A new project is available on giochistarter: Il Gioco del Ponte by Luca Macelloni!
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Il Gioco del Ponte is a vibrant and startegic boardgame for 2-6 players that lasts about 40 minutes. All copies sold on giochistarter are in English and Italian.
Since 1568, the north and south sides of Pisa (Tramontana and Mezzogiorno) compete yearly on the Il Gioco del Ponte - the battle for the bridge. Which strategy will lead your side to victory? What surprises do your opponents have in store for you? Only the most cunning players will overcome their opponent's assault and be declared the king of the bridge!

The Arno, the largest river in Tuscany, flows into the Mediterranean sea and on his way divides the city of Pisa in two halves. The northern side of Tramontana and the southern side of Mezzogiorno. In the middle of the city the two halves are connected over the Arno by a bridge, the Ponte di Mezzo. And it is on this bridge that for centuries the most powerful men of the twelve traditional districts have gathered once a year to compete in the Il Gioco del Ponte.
The boardgame implementation of this spectacle is a collector's item and artistic masterpiece, in which each of the figures is handmade and hand-painted. You pick a side and engage in a thrilling battle with two, three, four or six players. You'll have to divide your strength wisely and adjust to the strategy of your opponents, in order to also push the handmade (and in real life seven ton) cart to the other side of the river.
This project is the debut design of Luca Macelloni, who himself actively participates in the Il Gioco del Ponte. Last year, after five years of design and extensive testing (and obtaining the permission of the Pisa Council of Elders), he was able to release a game that does an amazing job of capturing the strategic aspects of the real event. This unique game has been realized in Italian and English, we'd like to ensure that it can also make it's way to your table.
The real event is held in Pisa at the end of June, and every year attracts a large number of tourists away from the Leaning Tower to the Ponte di Mezzo. The preparations of the combatants are extremely involved and tiring and the contests take sometimes more than 20 minutes.


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